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12 Weeks To The Olympia: Prep With Purpose - Marcos Mendiola

ARE YOU NEW TO #PrepWithPurpose?! For backstory on what this is all about please read the original blog entry and/or Instagram Post. 

Hey Fit Fam,

It's been a while and a lot has happened since my last Prep With Purpose entry. So before we get into this weeks person to lift up and for .. just a little life update!

Omaha Pro 2017
I started my 2017 season as an IFBB Bikini Pro on April 22nd in Salt Lake City. That show was just kinda ..."ehh". I attempted to bring a look some of my judges asked me to bring and it just didn't pan out. I was not confident and I simply did not bring MY best to that show. I still placed well (especially considering the size of the show) but it was my lowest placement as an IFBB Pro (11th.)

About 5 weeks (6/10/17) later I competed again at Omaha Pro. I changed things up and still took the judges feedback into consideration, but brought an overall look that made ME happy as well ...and it paid off! I WON OMAHA PRO which means that I am now qualified to compete in Mr Olympia 2017!

I still get chills writing/saying/thinking that I have made it to the super bowl/olympics of bodybuilding!! I give GOD all the GLORY and am just so humbled, grateful and happy. Here is a little clip from my interview after the big win!

All that said .. I am pretty upset (with myself and in general) that it's been SO long since I've done an "official" Prep With Purpose blog. I started this project Spring 2016 when I began contest prep for Team Universe. I was just a girl dreaming of earning that Pro Card but wanting to make the journey about more than just me, me, me! I can't tell you the difference it made in my motivation and overall attitude and I really do contribute my success last season to my complete mental shift.

While I may not have posted much this year I have continued to lift up and for people during my cardio/workouts. That said, I've not really been sent any urgent/ongoing requests that follow the "purpose" of this little prayer chain project, or any that people wanted me to post publicly, so I've just been lifting up and for people in "silent". But the entire PURPOSE of this project was to have as many people as possible joining me in praying for a specific person at the same time. I am so happy that I finally have some requests rolling in (well .. I'm not sure happy is the word. As I'm obviously not happy people are suffering .. but I think you get my point.)

This past week I've received or ran across SEVERAL requests! I wish I could do them all today but I'm going to start with this one because it seems to be the MOST urgent. I will be updating with a new person AT LEAST weekly, but possibly more often, so lease "subscribe" to the blog (bottom of home page) so you get email alerts when I post something new. Or just watch my Instagram Story! I'll always post on there when an new "person" is up.

This week I'll be lifting up and for a Vegas man named Marcos Mendiola. I don't know him but his story has sort of gone "viral" here in Las Vegas and is so very sad/disturbing. I will be lifting UP and FOR Marcos and praying that the people who did this to him are captured and punished!

Prep With Purpose - Marcos Mendiola

A few days ago news broke in Las Vegas that a cook at a local eatery was fighting for his life after an angry customer stabbed him multiple times .. fourteen to be exact.

According to local news, the customers (two men and one woman) became angry over their food order. It started with the customers berating him and then things turned physical.

One of the customers went around to the kitchen and stabbed Mendiola 14 times, in the head, back and abdomen.

The customers ran out and as of 6/23 there has been no arrest.

The father of six is in the hospital recovering. His children say that his initial surgery was successful but mentally his spirits are low. Doctors tried to remove his breathing tube but he started chocking so they had to leave it in.

His family says that he does not have insurance and medical bills are piling up. The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with his medical expenses. As always, if I don't know the person I can not vouch for the need of funds, but HERE is the page in case you fell led to give.

Here is the story and update directly from Mr. Mendiola's son on the Go Fund Me page he set up.
"Hello, My dad Marcos Mendiola was finishing his shift Tuesday night around 11:30 at a local Robertos taco shop, when he was brutally attacked over an order that was misunderstood. As one suspect went around the counter and started to fight my father another suspect took a pocket knife and brutally stabbed him 14 times leaving him for dead. My father is a hard working loving man, who was just trying to provide for his 6 kids. Unfortunately we are not quite sure how long his recovery will take, therefor he is not going to be able to work to provide for his family nor pay the hospital bills considering he is not covered under any insurance. We appreciate any help we can get, to try to get my father back on his feet so we can put this horrific situation behind us."

Prayers and well wishes are free! So I hope you join me in lifting up and for Marcos!


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to

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