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Prep With Purpose: Urgent Prayer for Nicole and Mercy

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Hey Friends,

Do you ever have a hard time understanding why really good people constantly have TRAGIC things happen to them? I don't just mean a bad day or bad circumstance. I mean REALLY horrible things?! They go through something NO ONE should have to go through once in a lifetime and then something else tragic happens .. then boom .. something else?!

Hayden & Nicole Miethe
When I saw this Facebook status from my friend Hayden Miethe the first emotion I experienced after sadness .. was ANGER. Talk about a family that has had hit after hit .. yet remain so strong in their faith.

Original post by Hayden Miethe:

WE NEED YOUR PRAYER. At about 5 o'clock Tuesday evening Nicole was taking our daughter Mercy to dance class. She was stopped waiting to turn into the church where the classes are held, when some idiot rear ended her at 50 miles an hour tossing Nicole's car into" on coming traffic causing a head on collision as well. They had to cut the car open to remove them both. 
The damage is bad ... Mercy is the better of the two because Nicole threw her body over top of her lil body a split second before impact. Nicole saved her life. Mercy suffered a huge skull revealing gash on her forehead, a fractured clavicle and some damage to her neck ... how bad we are not sure yet.  Nicole is another story. She has several fractures to her spine and her left arm and right leg are so severely broken that they will have to do reconstructive surgery on both. Nicole also has several broken ribs. As well she has punctured holes in both her pancreas and colon. They're even saying: her colon might have to be removed - which in the name of Jesus will not be the case. While Mercy will probably be discharged in the next day or two - they are saying Nicole could be here for weeks or longer. I'm not saying all this to be negative or to speak out illness ... I'm saying it to ask for your very specific prayer. We need it more now than ever!!! God can and will do this! IN THE NAME OF JESUS THEY WILL BOTH BE HEALED!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for lifting my family up. It means more than I can ever say.
Charlie Darling (previously featured
on prep with purpose)

If this last name Miethe sounds familiar to those of you that regularly join me for PREP WITH PURPOSE ... it is because we prayed for them before when their newest addition Charlie Darling Miethe was born premature and needed a miracle. 

How could such TRAGIC things happen to such a WONDERFUL family?! I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that God was there for them then with little Charlie Darling and I know he will be there for them now. But we need to LIFT UP AND FOR THIS FAMILY in the most urgent way!!!

Prep With Purpose: The Miethe Family (Mercy and Nicole)
I posted the FB status above with details about the accident and what happened to Nicole and Mercy. Here is the most recent update as of 4/26 from Hayden's FB page. Also posting some ways you can help posted by another family member earlier this week.

1) FOR MERCY: Mercy was released today  (4/26) but has a broken collar bone, a huge gash on her forehead, a broken vertebrae in her lower back and 2 severely fractured vertebrae in the neck for which she will have to wear a neck brace for the next 3 months. Obviously she's not a fan of her new fashion choker - as one of her sisters called it. Not to mention is bruised everywhere and pretty shaken up but at least she's home.
Nicole's arm before surgery

FOR NICOLE: This photo was Nicole's arm as of yesterday. Today (4/26) they did a 7 hour surgery to insert a metal plate and practically rebuild her arm ... they did the same her leg. Doctors say the leg was broke in the worst possible place and now has 3 metal rods I believe. They are hoping no further surgery is need and think she will off of it for 3 months. Praying she will have normal use of both limbs. Still nothing done to address her torn kidney, pancreas and colon (the worst thing to us - pray for TOTAL healing of her colon) ... OR to deal with the multiple broken ribs and fractured vertebrae. Doctors are saying she has at least 4 weeks in the hospital.

All this to say we are on day 2 of a looong journey. I'm so beat down and worn ... and to be transparent, while I want to curse the Lord for allowing this ... I just can't because I KNOW it was him who saved me from spending the past day planning a double funeral. HE IS SO GOOD and all of the time as the phrase goes. I will write more when I have physical strength to do so but just a quick THANK YOU for all the messages, comments, meals, financial donations and most of all, the prayers. We are a tough people here in casa Miethe but we know when we need help and while we hate being here again ... we welcome your blessing.

One of Nicole's kidneys has stopped functioning properly, so they need immediate prayer for that!!!!

I have been overwhelmed, in the best possible way, with literally hundreds of messages, texts, and comments asking how they can help. Your love and prayers are so incredible, and such an aid in themselves. If you would like to help in a day-to-day "more practical" manner as well, my good friend Joel Rogers has set up a Meal Train link ( for my family. Not only can you sign up to take meals to the family over the next little bit, you can also make a donation towards my mom and Mercy's medical bills, if you feel so led. Please know that any help in either meals or donations is incredibly appreciated, incredibly humbling, and incredibly helpful for us as we figure out what the next steps are.

Please continue praying for my mom and Mercy, for their health, healing, and their ability to hope, and please pray for wisdom and ability for the nurses and doctors at their side. Please pray for peace for my family, especially for my dad and Emerson, who have slept even less than I have as they take care of everyone.

This has been an incredibly difficult and scary day, and, to be frank, the road ahead is long. We're looking at possible weeks ahead in the hospital, as well as physical therapy and whatnot. That being said, I truly believe that we serve a God who is bigger than any injury, any difficulty, and any attack, and who has been known to heal a person or two in His day. I am so humbled by the support of our community in the last 24 hours, and feel so incredibly loved, as I know my mom and Mercy do.

We love all of you, and I will update you as soon as I know more.

HERE is the MEAL TRAIN link. If you can help with a meal or a donation .. please do. If you can not donate .. PRAYER IS FREE!!! This week I will be lifting up and for Nicole and Mercy .. but also Hayden and the rest of their children during this horrible time.

Never stop thanking GOD for your ABILITY! You have been given another day!! You CAN get up and walk, run, lift, function! That can be taken at ANY MOMENT!! It was for Mercy and Nicole when they were rear ended out of nowhere! If you feel like you CAN'T do it today .. remember this family .. lift them up .. and get moving!!!


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