Tuesday, May 2, 2017

FDA (once again) gets it's way. Nutrition labeling rule delayed.

Hey Fit Fam,

Friday was going to be a GLORIOUS DAY!! No more guessing how many macros are in a dish at many restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc. The long awaited (and long overdue considering this has been in the works since like 2002) labeling requirements were set to go into affect for food chains with at least 20 locations.

But if you are a "macro tracker" like me (or just care about nutrition facts when you eat out)  it looks like we will once again have to WAIT (Until May 2018) after a last-minute reprieve from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Restaurant chains (with at least 20 locations) were going to be required to prominently display calorie counts for standard menu items. Also included ... supermarkets that sell food, bakeries, coffee and ice cream shops, movie theaters and amusement park concession stands and some vending machines. They also were suppose to be able to provide a breakdown of nutrition information for customers who want it (such as total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, fiber, sugars and protein.)

While I don't eat at many "chain" restaurants and many places already do this ... it still sucks! Another YEAR? I guess the good news is that because the rule made it so close to the "compliance date," many businesses already had spent the money to print new menu boards and get in compliance.

Here is what the FDA has to say: "This extension allows for further consideration of what opportunities there may be to reduce costs and enhance the flexibility of these requirements beyond those reflected in the interim final rule."

I don't know about you .. but I think it's a bunch of BS. Just tell us what we are eating already!
I get that it costs money to do this but it is a VERY small cost when you look at the BIG picture! So many people "eat on the go" these days ... so menu calorie labeling serves as VALUABLE resource in being able to educate ourselves about food, how we fuel our bodies, and how this impacts our total health and well-being.

Errrrrrrr ....

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