Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose: I Love Me Challenge - Day One

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Hey Friends,

I wasn't really sure when I was going to turn on the front facing camera and say ... I LOVE YOU STACY .. for the first time.

I thought about doing it first thing in the morning before getting my day started. But I decided to wait until later in the day and I'm glad that I did.

I woke up to a "Facebook troll" trying to dampen my spirits. Here is what he had to say.

"Stacy ... You have been very blessed , looks , body , intelligence , even privilege and much more ... Your statement reeks of I, Me , My and You need to be Grateful and Thankful for All that You have and this 37 and my best is behind me ??? Come on ! Get off it ! ... Self pity is not You ... You are what You see and feel when You look into the mirror ... You are what You want to be ??? 
I really hope this bucket of cold water helps bring You back to reality but , if this offend the Princess/Queen , then delete me and have an awesome life!" Dave Flinn

Ummmm ... can you say the devil maybe sent him to try to KEEP ME from loving myself and encouraging others to do the same?! I replied by telling him that I hope that HE finds his way to my blog to participate in this challenge because it sounds like HE could use some SELF LOVE!!

Anyway ... there is nothing wrong with wanting to love yourself. After all, God wants us to LOVE EACH OTHER, but you can NOT give away something you don't have in you. How can someone love another person if you don't love yourself?

There is a difference in SELF LOVE and SELF CENTERED LOVE. It's important to know the difference. We all need to accept ourselves, embrace our personalities and even imperfections, knowing that although we may not where we need to be, we can make progress. We all need to forgive ourselves of something in our past (or present) and move forward with LOVE.

Here is today's #ILoveMeChallenge VLOG. To sum it up in one word ... awkward?!


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