Saturday, March 4, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose - I Love Me Challenge: Day 4-31

Hey Friends,

I've decided that I'm not going to "share" my "I Love Me" videos anymore. I feel like (as I mentioned yesterday) that it is holding me back from being true to myself and really allowing myself to FEEL anything.

This challenge hasn't been getting very many "blog hits" anyway ... so not sure there is really any interest. Please let me make it CLEAR that I'm not stoping because of the low hits!! There are days that my Prep With Purpose blogs would get thousands and thousands of hits and other days like .. 10. There are recipes and entires that get tens of thousands of hits and others ZERO. That never stopped me before and never will (side note .. wouldn't matter anyway because I make ZERO income off my blog. I do it for fun.)

I'm stopping posting the VIDEOS of ME because like I said ... it's holding ME back from being real with myself. Also, if there isn't anyone out there reading's not worth continuing to get on here and post daily ... even without videos.

For the few of you logging on and committing to telling yourself that YOU love YOU every single day for one month ... my advice is to keep this up!!! Don't skip a single day even if it's only saying I Love You (name) ... and not elaborating.

Be real with yourself, be honest and allow yourself to dig deep. But more than that .. show yourself that you mean what you say when you say I LOVE YOU (name) and stop trying to convince yourself by saying words that simply bounce off.

If you want to chat with me during this I'm here for you! Just an EMAIL away!


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