Monday, March 6, 2017

5 Min Fix For Headaches and Neck Tension

Hey Friends,

You know I preach a lot about mobility if you TRAIN .. but it's actually really important even if you don't! Got a desk job where you sit all day? Well ... using mobility tools could be a LIFE SAVER for you as well!

Got headaches? Neck Pain? Tension in your neck/back? I know I sure do!! I've tried every pillow out there but I still wake up with headaches and/or a stiff neck MOST mornings. The ONLY cure has been to spend about 5min upon waking using my rad roller right at the base of the skull. I also stop mid day and use this if I've been sitting working at the computer for more than a few hours.

By the way .. you don't really want to "roll". It may be called "foam rolling" but 9 times out of 10 you only roll to find tender spots then stop and compress for 10 deep breaths .. not actually roll. When using the rad roller on my neck I just lay and sink into the roller and also turn my neck slowly left/right and up/down .. again .. stopping on any tender spots.

The Rad Roller original (blue devise you see in my Instagram Video or double green balls you see in this picture to the left) also comes in a stiff and soft version. I really like the original (blue) and find it the perfect pressure. There is also an XL version for those with a larger frame (my male friends) but ladies you can also use the XL version for LOWER back. I like using that one on my on lower back .. however the original size works just fine too!

In addition to my neck .. I use the Rad Roller all up and down my spine, glutes, lats and more! It's probably the most versatile of all the RAD tools I own! The RAD HELIX (the long grey one you see) is also great for neck and back as well! But the Rad Roller gives much more TARGETED relief. It was designed by experts keeping the bodies anatomy in mind (very important.)

The block you see is GREAT (perfect height for added leverage plus it has little holes to store all your rad products) ...but if you don't have one and you can go without or use a yoga block if your gym has one laying around.

What about your FACE?! I know I hold tension in my jaws and temples! The RAD ROUNDS work GREAT for face and foot! I use the small blue or grey RAD ROUNDS for face/feet!  If you buy the set .. the GREEN round is the one I use to really dig into my hip flexors, upper chest and in between shoulder blades (all you need is the green round and a wall for those last two body parts.)

If you want to know more about RAD ROLLER you can EMAIL me or contact me on any of my social media pages!

If you order I have a friends code you can use at checkout -- It's StacyM (

Here are a few YouTube Videos that show a little more in depth how you can use the RAD ROLLER (original, soft, stiff or XL.)

Happy "Rolling" :)

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