Monday, February 27, 2017

The ONE Podcast That Changed My Life (and 9 others I really enjoy)

Hey Fit Fam,

I posted on Instagram today about a podcast that has changed my life.

This isn't an understatement. This podcast has truthfully has taken my mental and spiritual "game" to a new level.

In case you didn't read my instagram post and you just subscribe to the blog .... here was my post.

#MotivationMonday - Exercise your heart & mind!! HERE IS THE ONE PODCAST THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!!

Late last summer I had to cut out almost all HIIT cardio due to several things .. including some kind of groin/hamstring strain. We added in a couple of short moderate intensity jogs a week so that I was getting in some type of cardio. I am NOT a runner and steady state cardio is something I had never done. So I had to figure out SOMETHING that would allow me to somewhat enjoy these short sessions with the pavement.

I have several podcasts that I would often listen to while cleaning or driving .. but I wanted to devote these jogs to mental health. I stumbled upon #YourMove with #AndyStanley.

To say these podcasts have been life changing for me is an understatement. I always listen to them on my jog (not even required now but something I ENJOY because of THIS) .. but now I also watch #YourMove with my husband every Sunday morning. I also find myself listening to his podcasts at random times during the day because Andy's words just touch me so much. He doesn't "preach" .. he speaks .. and somehow he captures every ounce of my attention (not easy to do.)

I highly encourage you download the #YourMove app. There are TONS of different series .. scroll the app and find whatever series seems most appropriate in YOUR life right now. If you are experiencing any kind of "feels" .. I bet there is a series that will help you!!

OKAY .. so here is the LINK so that you can also download the YOUR MOVE app. I have his series on my Itunes 'podcasts' app too .. but I find the Your Move App MUCH better because every series is there all together! Plus you can WATCH him speak if you prefer instead of just listening! A new "your move" comes on tv every saturday night/sunday morning following Saturday Night Live (or at least it does here in Vegas.) We record it and watch it as our "church" on Sunday mornings!

Also, I mentioned that there are some OTHER podcasts I enjoy. I've listed 10 of them below! There are so many others but these are the ones I'm listening to the most right now!
These are all available on ITunes or SoundCloud. I've included links to either the actual itunes/soundcloud page or just the webpages and you can go from there as to how you want to download and listen! I subscribe to most of these in Itunes .. but as I said .. for YOUR MOVE I prefer the app! Find what works for you!

Please comment on my INSTA POST (or here if you don't have insta) with YOUR favorite podcast!!


Just a few of my FAVORITE PODCASTS:
Your Move with Andy Stanley
Joel Osteen Podcast
The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
The #AskGaryVee Show
I'm Not You Sports Motivation Podcast
Physique Science Radio by Layne Norton
TNT Podcast
Power & Purpose with Mastin Kipp
Dynamic Duo Training 
The MFCEO Project 

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