Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bye Bye Brain Drain

Hey Fit Fam,​

Who else has a problem with their mind wandering? Or maybe you just cant seem to concentrate? Focus Stacy .. FOCUS! This is something I've always had to tell myself. I wouldn't say I have any kind of ADD .. but I tend to be a "jumper". I can't work on one task for very long without feeling the need to start something else on my to-do list. I have always known this wasn't the most productive and realized it even more after I read the book "The OneThing". But being aware it was a problem for me wasn't enough .. I still found myself struggling .. until I started taking THIS!
1st Phorm MasterBrain

1st Phorm Master Brain is a brain-boosting stack that contains clinically studied ingredients designed to optimize mental performance by enhancing memory retention and recall and giving you all-day razor sharp FOCUS.

It took me forever to try this stack because I was on prep and taking the 1st Phorm #BlissGoPack (now upgraded to Royal 21 Queen ) .. and then I immediately wanted to reset my adrenal glands post show and I did a cycle of 1st Phorm Adrenal Restore. BTW I highly recommend both these stacks at SOME point in your fitness journey (even if you aren't working out Adrenal Restore is a good one) so please EMAIL ME so I can tell you more about them and determine if they would be right for you!

Anywho ... about 5 weeks ago I started taking Master Brain as part of my "off season" supplement regime and WOW ... I can't tell you what a difference it made! Most days I don't even take a pre-workout other than what I posted about on Instagram (1st Phorm BCAAS, Glutamine, Creatine) because of the focus MasterBrain gives me! The MasterBrain AM I of course take in the morning first thing .. and then I take the MasterBrain PM 8 hours before I want to wake up. I slowly find myself winding down about an hour after I take it and within 2 hours there is no way I can keep my eyes open. I am a "night thinker" and this has REALLY helped tame that! I sleep sound and wake up so refreshed!

If you find yourself struggling with concentration and focus and then unable to wind down to give your body the rest it needs .. I HIGHLY recommend this stack! Bye bye brain drain, lol! You take it in a 5 day on 2 day off cycle and on the two days I don't take it .. I CAN TELL!

I am about to start prep soon so I'll be going off of this and starting a different stack and to be honest I kinda don't want to stop, ha. But life has phases and my next phase is PREP MODE! So I'll be cycling Royal 21 when that time comes!

Oh and if you don't have any issues with sleep, you can buy only the AM instead of a stack, but they are designed to work together .. so I suggest both!

HERE is a link with more information and it also gives you FREE shipping and 110% money back guarantee (as long as you see my name "Stacy" in top right corner. If you don't please email me before you order so we can make sure you get that free shipping, etc.)

Let me know how I can help you! If you end up buying this let me know what you think!


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