Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prep With Purpose: Beloved Bentley

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Fit Fam,

Happy week of love :) Ahhh Valentines day .. you either love it or hate it. Or maybe you are like me and have just really cared about it either way. I've been posting this week on Instagram about SELF LOVE! In a relationship or single ...this is such an important topic. Check out the posts and make sure and take some time this week to focus on SELF LOVE!

As for me .. not much new! I think I've picked my first show which will be 4/22 in Salt Lake City. This is of course assuming my stomach doesn't get any WORSE. The hope of it getting BETTER seems to be lost. I'm still trying a few things and promise to keep you all posted (as I know many of you have similar issues.) Right now .. I'm testing some new digestive enzymes. Then in a few weeks .. on to the next "thing" .. whatever that may be. Either way .. I'm PREPPING WITH PURPOSE! So let's get going on our new feature!

Kids always get me when they are featured for PREP WITH PURPOSE. Today we have a sweet little boy who really  needs our "lifting up" right now. As you hit the gym this week (another way to show yourself some SELF LOVE) .. join me in lifting up and for this sweet little boy.

Prep With Purpose: Beloved Bentley

Bentley started out his little life "normal" and then in an instant it was forever changed. Late July of 2014 (at 9 months old) he was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Here is how his family describes his diagnosis:

"Our smiling, sparkly eyed Bentley had swelling in his face, which looked like an infected sinus. He had a bloody nose and was suddenly admitted to Akron Children's Hospital. Two days later a biopsy was done, and he as diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer."

One week later, Bentley had surgery to remove the mass in his face. The following week chemo was started. After 12 weeks of chemo, radiation treatments (using a very special radiation equipment) began in Boston for 6 weeks.

Things were really looking up for little Bentley .. he was even in remission for 6 months .. and then just a few weeks ago they found out he relapsed. Now at the age of 3 .. Bentley is once again fighting for life.

On Feb 1st he started chemo ... once again.

He had to have some CT's of his bladder/pelvis .. good news .. results are clear there!

But his little guy still has a tough road. So as we get up this week ... let's be thankful for our health .. thankful we are ABLE to go about our day and work, go to the gym, etc. Instead of dreading our workouts .. let's appreciate our ability and while we are there .. let every single rep be in honor of Beloved Bentley.

Bentley you have some strangers lifting you up this week! Keep fighting ... you are a super hero .. you've got this!!

You can keep up with Bentley by following his Facebook Group Beloved Bentley.


I hope you are joining me on this PREP WITH PURPOSE journey! If you are ... please post/share and use the hashtag #PrepWithPurpose! Let's get a huge prayer chain going and in the process maybe make the sport of bodybuilding less about "me, me, me" and a little more about helping others! Our motivation doesn't have to come from ONLY ourselves!

If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com.