Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A few of my favorite ((trader joe's)) things ...

Hey Fit Fam,

I posted on Instagram a NEW Trader Joe's spice that I discovered and FELL IN LOVE WITH ..which prompted me to do a little blog on a few or my other FAVORITE Trader Joe's items!

I won't make you go to my instagram to find out  what it is ... however if we aren't friends please go find me and comment if you end up buying and loving it!

I don't like bagels and I especially don't like Everything Bagels but THIS IS BOMB!!! I just bought two more bottles of this today out of fear it will be a seasonal item! IT IS SO GOOD!! So far my favorite way to use it is mixed into white rice and avocado! Tastes like SUSHI! I also had it on some Avo/Egg Toast today! So many uses!

Okay .. on to a few of my TJ faves/staples! These may be a little boring compared to some other peoples "TJ Finds" .. as these are just a few STAPLES .. as well as a couple little extras we like to have on hand!


#1 - I discovered this spice last year and I have used it EVERY SINGLE DAY since then! I think I've been through like 6 bottles, lol! I usually use it on my "rice cake creation" I'm always posting on SnapChat and my Insta Story .. but we also use it on rice, homemade mexican dishes, etc. I've seen where people rave about it being good on top of watermelon and mango!

#2 - Frozen Green Beans. I do not know what it is about THESE green beans because they are just GREEN BEANS .. nothing else added .. but they are the best green beans I've ever tasted! In fact, I don't even care for green beans ANY other way. I roast these in the oven and eat them 1-2 times a day! I'd say this is my number one .. "I'd die if Trader Joe's stopped carrying it" item, lol!

#3 - Mixed Nut Butter -- This is another NEW item that I discovered but now that I've had it I'm not sure I'll want to eat anything else! Well .. except for KREMA Crazy Richard's Natural Peanut Butter. That stuff is bomb. But when it comes to OTHER nut butters .. this one is HANDS DOWN the best. The combo of different nuts and the fact that it's THIN (ohhhh that nut butter drizzle, lol) but not hard to stir makes it PERFECT!

#4 - GF Rolled Oats -- Nothing special about these except no risk of cross contamination and they are cheap compared to other "Gluten Free" labeled oats.

#5 - Corn Puffs -- The macros on this stuff is amazing, it's cheap and probably the best "popcorn" I've ever had! Both the White Cheddar and Sour Cream and Onion are amazing. I can't pick my favorite!

#6 - Chili Lime Chicken Burgers -- Just try them! So good!!! You find them in the frozen meat section! I usually have these with my rice cake creation (topped with the chili lime seasoning.)

#7 - 21 Salute Seasoning -- This one is no "secret" .. it's one of the most popular TJ items out there. But for good reason! Great for anyone watching sodium as well! I usually put it on burgers!

#8 - Mixed Peppers (frozen) -- TIME SAVER RIGHT HERE!!! I buy at least one bag of these a week!

#9 - Heavenly Tomatoes -- These are .. heavenly! I don't know WHY these taste so much better but they do! I usually eat them sauteed with spinach or on a salad!

#10 - Sweet Onion Bacon Vinaigrette -- I wouldn't say this is a STAPLE because I don't eat a ton of salads. But it is HANDS DOWN one of my FAVORITE salad dressings!! It's just SO different than anything I've ever had before!

As a little bonus .. here are a few other things that ALWAYS fill my Trader Joe's cart .... I'm sure there are more but these come to mind:

Lean Ground Turkey (cause it's only 2.00 a pound) ... Extra Lean Ground Beef (because it's the best tasting 96/4 beef I've ever had) ... Bag of 4 Avocados (because they are only 2.99 for a bag) .. Bananas (cause they are like .19 each) ... Ghee Butter .. Coconut Oil Spray (cause it's cheaper than ANYWHERE else. I think 2.99) ... Organic Polenta (there will be a blog about this carb in the future. I can't believe more people don't eat this.)

And last .. a couple SEASONAL items I also love and stocked up on this Fall:

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds & pumpkin pie spice!!! The spice is another one of those items where I don't know why THEIR brand is any different than any other brand of pumpkin pie spice .. it just is, ha!

That's it ((for now)) .. So now tell me .. what are YOUR favorite TJ finds or "go to" or "must have" items?!


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