Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose: A Stranger Named Sandy

Hey Friends,

Happy CHRISTMAS WEEK!!! I hope everyone isn't too caught up in the "material" aspects of Christmas and all the stress that can bring. Instead, I hope you are taking some time to remember the reason for the season, relax a little, take it ALL in and spend time and make some memories with friends or family!

I've been busy with #SwoleSanta, packing, finishing up year end stuff and getting some ducks in a row for some great things coming my families way in 2017. Because of that I've not had much time to scroll social media lately. When I do take a moment to scroll.... Facebook isn't really isn't my choice. There is just too much negative, too much drama, too many pointless posts and selfish rants. Tonight .. even though I needed to be doing laundry and packing ... I started scrolling Facebook and came across a video. I never watch videos my friends post. Not because I don't care about my friends (lol) but simply because I don't usually have the time/patience to watch a video longer than 30 to 60 seconds, ha. I don't know why I clicked on this one ... but I did.

I have known Tina (the friend that posted it) for as long as I can remember. She was a member of the church I went to as a child/teen. I've not seen her in probably 10+ years I would guess....but we keep up with each other on socials. Side note .. she recently started living a healthy lifestyle and has lost over 100 pounds! YAY TINA!!!

Anyway .. back to the video. Do yourself a favor and mute everything around you...zone out...take 10 min and focus on this story she so beautifully tells.

I've always wanted to be able to really listen to that inner voice. and be more in tune with what God is trying to tell me. This "Jesus Moment" from Tina is one that is too good to share.
At the end Tina asks her friends to pray for this person... so I thought it would be fitting to make SANDY my #PrepWithPurpose. I have no idea why Sandy needs to be lifted up. I have no idea if it's a physical reason (which is usually what Prep With Purpose centers around.) But I'm making an exception. Physical reason or not .. I'll be lifting up and for Sandy this week. I hope you join me :)


Prep With Purpose: A Stranger Named Sandy 

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