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Prep With Purpose: Christmas Day House Fires Devastate Two Families

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I blinked ... it was gone. I hate that so much. We allowed what we thought was enough time at each of my parents homes and even a day in our old stomping ground of Nashville .. but I feel as if I only saw my loved ones for a second or two?! I hate that about holidays. Either way .. it was great to see them, hear their voices, hug them and eat my mamas cooking!

Don't ask me how .. but I came home weighing LESS than when I left?! I always tell people not to get on a scale for a few days. I waited 3 days post Christmas feast and was at one of my lowest off season weights?! I'm not sure if it's because I as overly cautious with my "Macro Banking" (see instagram) I did the two days before Christmas ... but I'll take it!! I'm certain it will all even out and get back up once I'm home and counting macros properly. But this is the glory of Flexible Dieting!!! It allows you to live a LIFESTYLE that allows you to enjoy the holidays (or really every day life) with little to no damage when done properly!

There is my little "me" update .. now moving on to PREP WITH PURPOSE. We have two stories .. one type of tragedy. While these aren't people with PHYSICAL need for "lifting up" ... they do need our thoughts and good vibes.

On Christmas night I logged onto socials before bed and saw that my #FitFam friend Emily posted that her grandmother lost her home and her dog in a house fire. Just moments before that ... I saw on Facebook that a friend from Nashville lost her home and dog in a Christmas day fire as well.

As we go about our day, unwind in our homes and snuggle up with our fur babies, let's remember Joe Ennis/Marrah Florita and Patricia Mattiza. I will be praying for both of these families as they deal with such a great loss (fur children are family) and try to pick up the pieces.


As you come across people that need urgent or ongoing well wishes/prayer .. please send them to me!!! Just send all the details you have, any links to blogs/posts and a picture if you have one (or if there aren't any on the links you send me .. if you send them.)

PREP WITH PURPOSE: Two Families Experience Tragedy After House Fires
Sometimes it's just easier/better to copy and paste straight from the people experiencing loss. That is what I have done. I don't always vouch for Go Fund Me pages because I usually do not know the person we are "Lifting Up and For" .. however I can personally vouch for both of these. Please give if you can and if you can't .. remember they are our purpose this week. Let's lift UP AND FOR THEM during this difficult time.

Here is the story of what happened to my friend Marrah...coming from a family members GO FUND ME page they set up:

On Christmas Day 2016, Marrah and Joe arrived home to find that their home was on fire, and they could not get inside to rescue their beloved dog, Rocko. Joe adopted Rocko nearly 8 years ago, right after he and Marrah met, so this beautiful boy was at the heart of their relationship for as long as they can remember. Rocko can’t be replaced, but with our help, many of the other things they lost can be.

Almost everything in the house is charred, melted, or covered in ash, and we know that the path to returning to the house, and making it a home again, may be a long one. Marrah and Joe are not at fault for the cause of the fire -- it is thought to have been an electrical fire of some sort -- and they do have basic insurance. Insurance will pay for some of the restoration of the house, but a lot of the cleanup and replacement of items will fall to them, and they will be displaced for months.

Your support will help them to replace items not covered by insurance, as well as for them to take the necessary time away from work while they deal with all the paperwork, cleaning, restoration, and replacement. They will be dealing with a lot over the coming months. They truly need our help, and your contribution will provide them with more than material support; you will be giving them peace of mind.

Please support Marrah and Joe by sharing what you can here, and by sharing this page with your friends and family. All of us who love Marrah and Joe know how warm and wonderful they are, and I know our support will be appreciated and deeply felt.

Sincerest thanks,

Kristen Rutledge (Joe’s sister)

Here is the story and Go Fund Me page of the other person that lost their home and dog. Set up by her daughter.

My mother Patricia Mattiza needs help. She had a devastating fire in her home on the 21st of December. She had an electrical fire that started in her kitchen while she was away. The smoke damaged nearly every room in the house. Everything in the house needs to be replaced, including the flooring, beds, cabinetry, and a full fire restoration. She is on a fixed income, widowed, no insurance, and lives alone. No donation is too small, anything helps, thank you for your continued support and please share this if you're able to on facebook or other social media outlets.

Go Fund Me for Ennis/Florita:

Go Fund Me for

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