Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#PrepWIthPurpose - Bill Hardin

Hey Fit Fam,

Happy December :) I can't believe we have officially entered the 12 Days Of CHRISTMAS!!

If you haven't seen my socials .. I'm doing something really neat with #PrepWithPurpose. I've decided to take it a step further and help a family in need! I found a woman here inVegas, that due to a physical/medical reason, can not provide for her four children this holiday season. You can read her story HERE. The good news is that between donations from my FitFam and the support of City Athletic Club .. all items on the kids wish list are marked off! I'm waiting for all of them to come in (yay for online shopping) and let the wrapping begin!! If you donated or shared on your socials ... I can't not thank you enough!! I can't wait for Alisha to send me pics of the kids opening gifts on Christmas morning!!

Let's continue the original mission of PREP WITH PURPOSE...lifting up and for someone in need of urgent or ongoing physical prayer/good vibes!! There are so many families that need prayer right now it seems. I scrolled socials last night and it was one request after another! I'll never understand why .. but it seems tragedy and illness always seems to strike more around the holiday season. I've had this request for a few weeks now, but due to the urgent need for prayer for our friend Leon (who I am sad to say passed away) and the disaster in Gatlinburg .. I had to get those put up first.

I spoke with Kayla (my fit fam friend who submitted the request) this week and her uncle is still in need of prayer!! So lets' get to lifting up and for BILL HARDIN!


At the young age of 60 ... Bill Hardin was given some shocking news. You have a brain tumor.

In most cases, cancer doesn't exactly give people much time to process the heartbreaking news. That was the case with Bill ... he found himself undergoing major brain surgery just days later to have the brain tumor removed. They found out that he has a very aggressive form of brain cancer. Doctors are not giving them much hope ... saying that it will grow back.

Bill is a husband, dad and grandfather and Kayla tells me the entire family is VERY close ... so this is greatly affecting everyone that loves him.

Right now .. they are in a time of unknown. Surgery is done .. they have a not so great prognosis .. and now they simply wait. He had to heal from his brain surgery before they could start chemo or discuss any "next steps". He is just now well enough to start this phase of treatment.

While they play the waiting game and begin treatment  .. WE CAN PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Let us use Bill as our motivation to get up and go!!! A young and seemingly healthy 60 year old who was enjoying life with his wife, kids and grandkids and then boom .. one day is told he has aggressive brain cancer and his life is forever changed. It could happen to any of us. We should never take a second of our good health for granted!

Bill .. Kayla .. and the entire family .. I hope you feel the extra love as I PREP WITH PURPOSE and lift up and for you during this difficult time!


If you know someone that is in need of PHYSICAL lifting up! Please send me their story and a picture or two so that I can feature them in PREP WITH PURPOSE! simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com

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