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#PrepWithPurpose - Leon Jackson

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Hey Fit Fam,

I can't believe we are less than ONE WEEK away from Thanksgiving! I'll be traveling to South Carolina to be with my husbands family. My mom only lives a few hours away .. so she will be driving to be with us as well! My heart is so happy knowing our families will be together! We will be missing a few siblings, nieces and nephews ... but at least some of us will all be together!

((For those that don't follow my fitness journey .. feel free to skip these next few paragraphs and move on to the bottom of this entry for this weeks PREP WITH PURPOSE person.)) 

Since I'm not in some major macro surplus yet .. I know I will go over my macros on Thanksgiving. Which means instead of tracking... I plan to take one day and enjoy time with family and simply be MINDFUL with my eating. I'll probably get in some extra cardio leading up to Turkey Day to off-set any extra kcals. Maybe not .. we shall see :) Either way .. I'll get right back on my structured reverse diet the next day. Because well .. Christmas is around the corner ... which is even worse, haha. Numerous stops, numerous dinners, endless treats laying around my moms house, haha. Hopefully by then I'll be a little deeper into my reverse diet and have more macros to play with! That is the DOWNFALL of ending your competition season so close to the Holidays .. you haven't had time to reverse very long! That is assuming you are reversing post show .. you are .. right?! If not .. make sure and google my coach Layne Norton and educate yourself on the importance of having a POST SHOW PLAN!!!! The weeks following a show your body can be a fat storing machine! So it's VITAL that you have a plan in place to keep from that negative rebound and unhealthy cycle of "yo-yo dieting." It breaks my heart when I see people work so hard and then within a week or two of a show .. have gained 15, 20, 30+ pounds! Yes .. this is a norm for many! Because they are so restricted... post show they binge and binge and binge. Their metabolism and hormones are so screwed up from doing God knows what .. that they not only gain QUICKLY ... they then can't seem to lose the weight without even MORE drastic extremes :-(  I's a HORRIBLE cycle. I'm not saying staying STAGE lean isn't something anyone should strive for .. but with a proper reverse you can remain lean and healthy in your off season!

I am only 2 weeks into a FULL blown off season. For those that don't follow along on my socials... I ended my season with a 4th place victory! I'm super proud of that .. however I've beat myself up over the fact it was NOT my best package. In the end (regardless of placing) I want to be happy with the look I bring to the stage and I was NOT happy. I attempted to come in a little less conditioned since that is what I was told by judges to do...but it seems MORE conditioned was rewarded at this show (go figure, right.) I was still very conditioned and actually came in at one of my lowest weights. I was dialing in pretty well ... but had some of the worst stomach issues I've EVER had for a peak week and show day weekend. Actually ... it was the worst I've ever had for a show weekend. Extreme pain, cramping, bloating, gas, constipation, etc. It was out of my control. So I'm just happy I was able to go on stage!

My focus now is to figure out what is causing all of this. Just today we ruled out SIBO. I'll be honest .. I was hoping the test was positive so that I at least had some answers. So .. what is it?! Stress triggered Celiac? Unresponsive Celiac? Other food sensitivities/irritants? Something else? Something worse? I'm in the middle of trying to find out. I had a visit with my primary care doctor a few days ago. He suggested a new vitamin/herb that I've ordered and now that I know my SIBO test is negative .. we are going to explore some other "alternative medicine" methods that I'll discuss once I take that step. My gastro has a prescription for IBS with constipation he gave me samples for .. but I'd rather try more natural methods first.

Needless to say.... I've been lacking motivation. Some days more than others. That often happens with off season when you don't have a short term goal. But I refuse to even PICK a show right now. I have to get better. The "unknown"  really makes it hard to stay focused. But we have a great PREP WITH PURPOSE to get us all going and remind us to be THANKFUL for LIFE, the health we do have and the ABILITY to be able to train!


For those reading this that know Leon lengthy description is needed. Chances are some of us know each other because of him!! He is the reason EDM music was brought to and successful in Nashville (and surrounding areas) and is the reason many of us are friends!

My husband and I spent many nights with Leon when Doug owned venues in Nashville. They put on many EDM shows many memories...but have to say Krewella is probably my favorite!

There are not many people that we worked with in that capacity in which we only have NICE things to say about them... Leon is a rarity. He is kind, doesn't judge, has a heart of gold, patient, hard working, dedicated to what he does and has helped so many in the music community in Nashville.

Leon he has been fighting cancer for a very long time. But unless he told you ... you would never have known. He kept grinding through his entire diagnosis. But recently ... he's been in the hospital ... in what appear to be his "final days."

Earlier this week .. his sister posted this Facebook status on his behalf:

"I don't know how much longer I will be with you all. I've fought a tough fight but I'm tired. I know it's all in God's hands! I've lived a great life and met so many wonderful people along the way. There so many things I want to do but there's no time."

Leon is one of those people that are diagnosed with Cancer and you say .. NO!! WHY HIM!?!? HE IS TOO GOOD OF A PERSON TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!! *not that anyone deserves cancer .. but you know what I'm saying*

At this point doctors have lost hope and it seems as if Leon is done fighting. I believe in miracles and will continue to pray for that. But let us lift up and for Leon and pray that he is free of pain, that he is given peace for any troubles that his mind/heart may hold and that if these are his final moments ... that his time left here on earth is as comfortable and full of love as possible.

We all love you Leon. Your life blessed so many people...including ours. We will lift up and for you. You will be our motivation! I hope you feel this extra love.


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