Friday, October 28, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose: My Father In Law .. Ben Hadden

Hello Friends,

Before I get into our new PREP WITH PURPOSE (which is very personal to me and my family this go round) ... a quick update on what is going on in my little world!

I am 8 days out from what looks to be the LAST show of my 2016 season! There is ONE more show option in California on 11/12 ... but I think after next weekend I'm gonna just hang up the heels and go into a full blown reverse diet and off season. Once the FULL 2017 IFBB Bikini Schedule is released I can re-group and decide when it will be best to start my 2017 season! No matter what happens this last show ... I'm so grateful! I started this year with hopes of simply earning Pro status by years end ..... and here I am a competing in my 4th show as a PRO!!! It's still crazy to see IFBB Pro in front of my name. My heart is so happy regardless of how well I ever do at this level! I did it ... I EARNED pro status .. it's a title that will always be with me!

((**You can skip this paragraph if you aren't a competitor and could care less about what I'm doing different this go round ... lol ... otherwise keep reading**)) 

Doing things a LITTLE bit different leading into this show. There wasn't a real need for a prep because I've been doing shows since July and increasing macros VERY slowly and still maintaining a weight that is actually at my stage or peak week weight. So we didn't have to cut macros until Tuesday of this week! I've not done HIIT cardio in over 2 months due to coming in too lean at other shows and not done any kind of endurance training in about a month+. I'm paranoid not coming in as lean for this show .. it's so back and forth. One show that look seems to be rewarded .. but then I'm told I'm too lean .. and we are all told that is NOT the bikini standard?! So kinda messes with your mind! Either way .. too late now. What is done is done and I'm embracing trying out something new. Last week we added in a light bit of steady state jogging 1-2x a week. I've never done steady state cardio before ... but giving it a whirl. Certainly not fasted and certainly not hours of it (or even one hour) a day .. but steady state none the less. I was just losing too much body fat with HIIT and coming in TOO conditioned for the judges. We are hoping this little bit of steady state will keep my legs down (I'm jogging) and help me lose just a TINY bit of body fat needed to be stage ready. Since losing muscle in my legs wouldn't be a big deal for me .... we are giving this steady state jogging stuff a try for a SHORT amount of time to see how I respond! I hate running ... or should I say once hated running. It's crazy how much I don't mind it now!! I've been taking my dog Stella out with me and jogging on our street ...which makes it a fun adventure and tuckers her out as well, haha. I've also been jogging TO my gym since it's only about a 12-15min jog!!  I listen to podcasts, devotions, sermons, etc. -- so it's been some nice focus/meditation .. me time! As long as I'm OUTSIDE ... it is actually pretty nice! Ask me next week after I've done it for 2 weeks though, haha....I'm sure I'll be OVER it! I have no clue how people spend an hour a day (or 2.. or 3 times a day) on step mills and treadmills .. I'd go crazy! Each their own though .. right :)  SO there is my little "what I'm doing" this go round update! I get my OFFICIAL peak week plan today .. which could change day-by-day pending how my body is reacting to the plan .. but I don't anticipate any big changes. That said ... my show day will be MUCH different when it comes to food selection. I've eliminated TONS of foods the past two weeks in an attempt to see what is going on with my stomach (other than Celiac Disease.) That means many of the show day foods I ate in the past ... will be off limits this time (such as flavored rice cakes and a reese cup before stage.) But food selection isn't as important as hitting certain macro/sodium goals at particular times leading up to stage! So by keeping *possible* food irritants out .. the only thing that may change is I actually may NOT have bloating this show if I'm taking out foods that COULD have been irritating my stomach! So ... fingers crossed! When I get back from Florida I have more doctors appointments/testing. But until then .. just gonna keep eliminating foods and see!

Okay .. moving on to PREP WITH PURPOSE!!!

Prep With Purpose: Ben Hadden

I got a text on Tuesday that my father-in-law (Ben Hadden) was in the hospital. He got very unsteady, dizzy and was severely vomiting on Monday evening and went to the ER. He was admitted and had to go lots of tests (specifically heart testing.) At the time, they thought that he may have had a mini-stroke and started blood thinners. Yesterday they informed us he did NOT have a stroke .. good news! But they wanted to do more testing and evaluate him for a possible heart cath. Last night we got word that he has a blockage in his heart and further testing will need to be done over the next few days. This morning my mother-in-law (Joy) let us know that Ben is being moved to a cardiac unit and will have a cardiac cath on Monday morning. The prayer right now is that they can place a stent and will not need open heart surgery.

Ben is one of the most hilarious and fun loving guys I've ever known. I'm so lucky to have married into such an amazing family and have him as a father-in-law. We all would appreciate it if you would keep him (and my mother-in-law who has not left his side) ... in your thoughts and prayers!

Alright .. let's go! Let's PREP WITH PUROSE for Ben Hadden. We will lift him UP as we workout and use him as our motivation if/when we feel like we "don't want to do it."  We are able, our hearts are beating strong and we should be grateful for our health!

Ben we are all praying for good news and no matter what the doctors prescribe .. that you to recover quickly! I hope you feel the extra love!! I look forward to laughing with you and eating that turkey you are gonna fry when we visit for Thanksgiving here in a few weeks :) :)


Do you know someone with an immediate or ongoing PHYSICAL need for lifting up/for?! If so please email me at! I need people to lift up/feature to keep this little prayer chain/project going!

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