Thursday, October 20, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose: David Anthony Franklin

ARE YOU NEW TO #PrepWithPurpose?! For backstory on what this is all about please read the original blog entry and/or Instagram Post. 

Hey Friends,

I feel so horrible that it's been so long since I've done a NEW #PrepWithPurpose :-(

First ... I didn't have anyone. The only downfall to doing these weekly instead of daily is that I'm asking less .. so getting less. Please help me out and if you run across ANYTHING in which someone is asking for ongoing or urgent PHYSICAL need for prayer .. let me know!

Second ... I found myself in a little "rut" last week. I was lacking motivation. You would think that would make me want to dig, dig, dig until I found someone to lift up and for .. but I was just having a moment. I still got in every single workout, every single step, every single macro counted perfectly. But it was just a rough week...mentally and physically. I'll get into that in another blog. Just some ongoing tummy troubles which have me experimenting with some new approaches, etc.

Third  ... my laptop has been giving me the spinning beach ball of death NON STOP lately and I can't blog from my phone! What would normally take me an hour is taking triple that! I just got a new hard drive not long ago, my ram/memory is okay, nothing cluttering up my start up. So who knows. It's cooperating tonight though! So gonna write while I can!!

Anyway .. I AM SORRY! No excuses ... I'm back at it this week!! I've not been prepping for anything really because I've not been able to decide if I'm competing in 2016 or not. I've been reversing VERY slow so that I stay in a maintenance phase for the most part. Coach said I have until Saturday to decide. That is when we would do a quick 2 week or 3 week "official prep". Got a lot of factors that the hubs and I need to consider/have fall into place in order to make say YES. But I'm leaning toward a trip to Florida in two weeks :) Either way ... as I've mentioned before .. we are all prepping for something! We all need motivation ... so let's use this weeks person to remind us that WE ARE ABLE!!!

This week ... the person we are lifting up and for is the dad of a friend of mine! Alissa is actually a member of our #FitFam. We met through our husbands years ago! When my husband introduced us, he later told me that she was a competitive bodybuilder. This was YEARS before I competed ... so she is probably the first female that I ever associated with the sport! Anywho .. her dad needs our prayers!!!  I hope you join me and I hope he feels the extra love this week!

Prep With Purpose: David Anthony Franklin

Alissa describes her dad as a precious, sweet, giving and gentle soul that goes out of his way to help anyone! Until a few weeks ago, she would also have described him as extremely healthy. He is an herbalist and goes out in the woods constantly to get medicinal plants to make salves, ointments, medicines, etc. So you can imagine what a shock it was to everyone when they found out ... he has late stage cancer.

A weeks ago he slipped and fell at his apartment. He had some trouble walking .. but toughed it out. Then a couple of weeks later while out shopping his femur snapped while carrying in groceries! He was taken by ambulance to Vanderbilt. While there recovering .. doctors discovered it .. late stage Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus.

No signs, no symptoms, nothing. As you can imagine Alissa and her entire family are devastated, but David has a positive attitude, and while he will consider all options he does want to consider a natural approach to beating this!

On November 1st they have an appointment with an oncologist. Until then .. let's LIFT UP AND FOR MR. FRANKLIN!!

Let us be grateful for our ABILITIES and thankful for our health. We are so fragile .. no matter how strong we think we are. At any moment everything we (likely) take for granted could be gone. So get up .. move .. GO! Let's do it in honor of David and with each step/rep .. lift him and his family up during this tough time!


** In order to continue PREP WITH PURPOSE .. I need people to lift up and for! If you know of anyone with an ongoing or urgent physical need for well wishes/prayer .. please email me all details (enough for me to write up a blog), any pictures you can send and links to any blogs/go fund me, etc! **

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