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#PrepWithPurpose: The Sherratt Family

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Hello Friends,

A new week means we have a new person to lift up and for! I hope that by doing these posts WEEKLY (instead of daily) more people are participating and in return ... more lifting up is happening for our featured person of the week!

Last week was a heart wrenching one. We lifted up for a brother/sister fighting a RARE genetic disorder and the family fighting along side them. I hope you were able to spend some time lifting in honor of the The Frost Family. I had a "debbie downer" kind of day last week and started to feel sorry for myself. I quickly read and re-read that blog entry...reminding myself that my stressors are SO minor.  That's not to say they aren't MINE and they aren't important. I hate when people say "you could have it worse" .. or "someone would kill to have your problems" .. or "You are too blessed to be stressed." While that may be true .. whatever you are facing  .. that is YOUR personal issue/stressor/demon and unless you are just being a whiney little baby (lol) .. telling yourself it isn't important isn't healthy! So while it's great to have a reminder to be GRATEFUL .. or stories such as these to put thing into perspective ... never brush aside things that make you experience negative emotions!

This week we are lifting up and for a man who went to the doctor because of symptoms many of us would probably just "look past". He was having some mild headaches and nosebleeds. Thankfully Bill went to the doctor! Turns out he had brain hemorrhaging in three areas! Here is his story from a page set up by his sister-in-law.

Prep With Purpose: The Sherratt Family (Bill Sherratt) 

((info below is copied and pasted from the family Meal Train page))

In hard times, we all know it takes a village, such as friends and family to rally around you. My brother-in-law Bill and my sister Stephanie Sherratt are in need of your help.

 On Friday September 2nd, Bill Sherratt scheduled a regular doctor appointment because he had not felt quite himself for three weeks. He started having occasional nosebleeds and mild headaches, but had thought it was due to a medication change or a possible ear infection. When he went to the doctor, he had some blood work done. His doctor noticed an abnormality, and Bill was transported immediately to Marin General ER for neurology work.  He had hours of blood work and a cat scan. The cat scan revealed he had brain hemorrhaging in three areas and dangerously low blood platelets. He was moved to ICU.
 Bill and Stephanie were told there may be a chance it was leukemia and therefore, he would need to be transported once again to UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. The next day in SF, he had numerous blood transfusions and 12 bags of platelets. After further cat scans, blood work, and a bone marrow biopsy, it was confirmed , he in fact had APML leukemia.
APML is on of the rarest, yet most aggressive forms of leukemia. However, in the last two years medications have been discovered that help to battle this form of cancer, as opposed to conventional chemo. Because the treatment is blood related, Bill must remain in the hospital at UCSF for 30 days. After which, if all goes well, he will continue treatment from home for an additional year.

 As you can imagine, this has rocked their world. Stephanie is driving back and forth almost daily, juggling the girls, and somehow, remaining calm. We all know she acts like she can do everything herself. For Bill, one bright side, is that he has had very little side effects from the treatment other than fatigue. He is his usually funny self, telling corny jokes, and is loving all of the TV time.

The hard part, is breaking this news to everyone. I created this page to create one central location to provide updates on Bill's health, and provide information for those who wish to help. Help can come in the form of a meal cooked, groceries purchased, gift cards, or a direct donation on this page for their ongoing expenses. I know all of this will be greatly appreciated as Bill and Stephanie navigate through this tough time. They have a long road ahead of them and I hope that we can all help in any way we can.

I have set an initial goal of $10,000 and all funds donated will go directly to Bill's wife, Stephanie Sherratt. Thank you in advance for your support, well wishes and help, it is greatly appreciated.

Alison Tanzer (Stephanie's sister)

**as always unless I personally know the person featured I can not vouch for the funding needs. I post the page and allow you to give if you want**

So .. how is Bill?! The page has a section for updates but the most recent one was on 9/29. As of that update...Billy had been in the hospital for 27 days. He was hoping to be released pending results of a bone marrow biopsy and platelet count. Once released, Bill will have to continue treatments from home. Going five days a week for eight months. Certainly a long road.

So Bill .. wherever you are in your journey .. know that myself and anyone participating in #PrepWithPurpose is lifting up and for you this week! I hope you feel the little bit of extra love!


If you have someone you think could be featured for PREP WITH PURPOSE please email me at simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com 

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