Saturday, September 3, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - September 3, 2016: My Friend Melissa

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

Hope you are having a wonderful start to what is hopefully a LONG weekend ... as "labor free" as possible :) I am making my husband put down his phone at least 50% of each day so that he can have some TRUE rest and relation!! On the agenda .. sleeping in, a netflix marathon, laying poolside (hello Vegas is going to be in the low/mid 90's) and maybe getting some home decor to-do's marked off our our list before we have guests in town for Mr. Olympia week after next! Of course we will be hitting the gym every day as well!

As for me ...  yesterday I told you I was going to the doctor to get this random pain checked and have a regular yearly physical. Well .. I've never seen such a crap doctor. He didn't even EXAMINE me in ANY way?! He said my random pain when sprinting was no dobut some kind of muscular strain and to "just not sprint then" for a little while. Ummm .. okay. But again .. he didn't even EXAMINE me?!? Then when we discussed my sleep issues .. he suggested prescribing a sleep aid. When I told him no way I'd never take that crap .. he really didn't pay much attention to anything else I said and that was about it. He ordered some blood work (standard with a physical) and said maybe that will give him some info?!? Umm .. what in the?!? Total waste of my morning and a $25 co-pay!! Good news is ... coach cut out HIIT so I'm not sprinting anyway. Other good news is .. there is no reason I have to stop training (I don't guess) ... so I'm still planning on competing in ONE WEEK! So .. LET PEAK WEEK BEGIN (however I'm not doing anything for peak week until show day and maybe show eve.) So Arizona .. I'll see you SOON!!

Today is my longest workout of the week. My lower body endurance lift! It's grueling and takes tons of energy .. thankfully I've got a really good Prep With Purpose to motivate me leading into this competition week. It's actually a dear friend of mine.

 Prep With Purpose - September 3, 2016: Melissa Stephens

I met Melissa when she started doing my manicures & pedicures in Nashville a couple of years ago. She is such a good person and recently made health/fitness/nutrition a priority, lost a bunch of weight, started toning up and was just beaming with self confidence! I am SO PROUD OF HER! Which only makes her recent news even more upsetting. She had developed healthy habits and now the return of an illness is keeping her from continuing to give it her all.

Melissa found out a couple of weeks ago that her Interstitial Cystitis has come out of remission. Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic condition in which you experience bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain, ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. Interstitial cystitis most often affects women and can have a long-lasting impact on quality of life. There is no treatment that reliably eliminates interstitial cystitis. But it doesn't stop there. Melissa found out she has some other medical issues going on in ADDITION to the Interstitial Cystitis.

Here is her most recent update she posted on social media:  "What I thought was strictly my Interstitial Cystitis coming out of remission has turned out to be much more. I was in a great deal of pain last week and went to my primary care doctor. After an ultrasound we have discovered I have more fibroids and an ovarian cyst. Right now I'm at a stand still as my OBGYN feels there's a particular test that needs to be done but it can only be done at particular times (biologically speaking). So we are looking at another couple of weeks before that can happen. They think that one of the fibroids may be embedded in my uterine wall and could be what's causing the crazy pain I'm in. For now, we are just trying to manage the pain with medication while we wait on the test."

Melissa really needs some lifting up right now guys. As mentioned, this is not only affecting her being able to keep up with her fitness habits she has worked so hard to develop....but it's affecting her work and day-to-day life as well. 

I hope you join me in lifting up my friend today. Be grateful for ALL your abilities!!
I love you girl .. miss you .. and will be pushing with everything I have all for YOU today!


I want to continue this project/prayer chain. But I'm finding myself spending HOURS searching for people to "lift up and for" because I'm not getting any requests -- I know you guys have to know someone (or have heard of someone) with an ongoing or urgent need for physical healing?
Please send me all details possible, a pic if they don't mind sharing, etc. 

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