Sunday, September 4, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - September 4th, 2016: Something Different

Hey Guys,

Hope you are having a great Sunday and most of you are looking forward to another day OFF tomorrow for Labor Day! We have spent a couple hours out by our pool each day and plan to do the same tomorrow! It's nice to relax a little bit before a crazy week coming up! I also finally picked between the 12+ books I have saved to purchase and have been wanting to read for FOREVER!  I went with "The Slight Edge" .. anyone else read it? So far I LOVE IT!!

As you see .. there is no NAME in today's subject for PREP WITH PURPOSE. While requests for people to lift up and for do come in .. they usually come in slow. So I've decided (for now) I'm not going to stress about having a new person every single day. We are going to do one person each week .. or maybe bi-weekly .. unless I get in something URGENT that needs to be addressed that day. 

At first this made me a little sad. I really enjoy writing these each day and having a fresh face to motivate me. But maybe this is a good thing? Maybe this gives the person we are lifting up and for better exposure. I understand most people aren't going to join me everyday .. so as long as people log on every few days then no one is getting overlooked! If you log on every day (thank you) .. please continue to do so! I'm going to still try to post something daily for my regular blog followers. It may be more recipes, macro finds, exercise tips, life hacks, etc. I actually have a few ideas for how to make Prep With Purpose grow into something bigger and better! But in order to do that I would possibly have to cut back to only featuring a new person once-a-week anyway! So maybe this is a blessing in disguise that is leading to something greater! Time will tell! I'll keep you posted :)

I have a really big Prep With Purpose I'm working on that I will post tomorrow/this next week. But for today lets continue to lift up and for my friend Melissa. I'll be heading to the gym my normal early evening and getting in a FULL upper body lift (so shoulders, back, arms and a LITTLE chest.) It's a slower pace but heavier weight. That said .. since I'm 6 days out from a show .. I"ll back off on volume a little bit in order to prevent any possibility of excess soreness! Once again it will be ALL for my girl!! I hope you continue to join me for this journey that will not only give you more motivation, but also make you more GRATEFUL to be ALIVE AND WELL .. and help others along the way!

As you come across people that need urgent or ongoing well wishes/prayer .. please send them to me!!! Just send all the details you have, any links to blogs/posts and a picture if you have one (or if there aren't any on the links you send me .. if you send them.)


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