Friday, September 2, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - September 2nd, 2016: Rest Day Rant

Hey Friends,

Happy Friday! First thing is first this morning! Coffee. Lots. Of. COFFEE.

No seriously .. I am getting up extra early and recording a podcast this morning. I'm a guest on one of my favorite duos podcasts ... I'll fill you in later. Then .. I'm off to see a doctor.

Remember a few weeks ago I said I had an odd pain in my groin-ish area that ONLY happened when I did my HIIT (sprints) on the football field? Well I couldn't get in to see the doctor I picked until today. I have NO clue if it is still even an issue .. as my coach cut out ALL HIIT days since I was losing weight (wasn't suppose to be .. was even reversing .. but a healthy metabolism is a funny thing.) Anyway .. to be safe we just cut out all HIIT. While I am there seeing the doctor about this pain/strain ... I'm going to discuss some stomach issues with him and get my yearly blood panel done.
Hoping all goes well because as I mentioned the other day -- I PICKED MY NEXT SHOW! If I'm good to go on training then I've got two words ... PEAK WEEK!!! I am planning on randomly competing next Saturday! I'm already below stage weight (Not the goal. I was actually told to gain a couple pounds) .. but I would rather go ahead and coast into a show and compete than wait until late September as planned! This will be the first time I've ever just 100% "coasted" without some sort of pre-peak week, peak week, etc. It's also the first time I've ever done a show while in the middle of a reverse diet and with NO HIIT/Cardio?!?! Sooooooo ... I'm excited to see how I dial in going this route!

As today's title states - today is actually a REST DAY since I don't have HIIT! So I won't be training (except since I can't just do NOTHING .. I'll go in for some band glute work, stretching and rad rolling.) No real training means I won't be doing a NEW person for Prep With Purpose today. But if you don't mind .. I ask today that you lift me up! Pray that my doctors appointment goes okay and I get some answers to some of these odd things going on and I"m in the clear to compete next weekend (which needs prayers in and of itself, lol.)

I'll be back tomorrow with a great person and will hopefully officially be on PREP(ish) - We are 8 days away from stage! Whoo Hoo!


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