Friday, August 5, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - August 5, 2016: The family of Lindsey Shoenberger

Hey Friends,

Once again .. it is show day eve. Except this time .. it is the biggest and most prestigious stage I've ever graced.

Tamp Pro is a HUGE event but the Pro bikini class is HUGE and FULL of big name bikini pros/olympians. I wanted to do this show for several reasons. I'm still so early in my "on season" so I'm by no means burnt out or in need of a "break" of any kind. Part of that is its' early in my season, but the biggest factor is my coach and the way he does things. I stay well fed, keep pretty low cardio, my metabolism is on point and I try to stay a healthy lean year round. This makes SUCH a difference in how long prep needs to be, how strenuous it needs to be, etc. But I am also doing it because I feel it's important to aim high. Could I pick a show with "better odds" and a better chance of placing well or winning .. sure! I've had several people tell me I should do other shows in coming weeks because they would be "easier" to win (and in return qualify me for Olympia 2017) .. but as I posted yesterday .. my coach said it best in his podcast ... "Doing only shows that you think you can win says something about your level of integrity as an athlete/competitor." So I will shoot for the moon .. I'll believe in myself .. I'll be proud that I stepped on that stage no matter the outcome. Does this mean I'll ONLY do the "big shows" .. no! I think it's important to do the bigger shows for sure, but I'll do whatever shows fit into my prep time frames, travel schedule and what is best for me and my family! This one was a struggle. It was tough with so much travel the weeks before and it is a LONG flight .. but I wanted to do one big show this year! So .. here we go!!!

ALL THAT SAID .. the work is pretty much done. Right now it's up to my body/mind to dial in properly. Some of that is something I can control and some is beyond my control. So lots of prayers please! I do have a VERY short/light lift this AM. That is it! The rest is tanning, resting, focusing, eating :) But every step I take ... will be in honor of someone else .. just as every single day has been for the past couple months.

Prep With Purpose - August 5, 2016: The family of Lindsey Shoenberger
Most of the time the person we feature has some sort of urgent physical need for prayer. That is what this project is all about. Lifting up and for someone ... who can't. It's a way to motivate ourselves, be more grateful and help someone else as well. But on occasion, a request comes in that I can't pass up even if it's not for PHYSICAL healing. Today is an example.

A family is grieving the loss of a young, vibrant, beautiful, woman. At only 26 .. she had so much LIFE left to LIVE. She leaves behind not only a family ... but a precious little girl.

Since today is really more EMOTION and MENTAL than physical for me .. I could not think of a better PREP WITH PURPOSE. I will be alone in my thoughts for much of the day and during my many chats with God and meditation .. I will lift up the family of Lindsey Schoenberger.

Lindsey was in a terrible car accident on Monday ... she did not survive. She leaves behind parents, 3 little sisters, a fiancee and a beautiful little girl that will now have to grow up without knowing or having her mother.

A fellow competitor sent in this request and she said it best. "There are some things we will never understand or wrap our heads around."

Please join me in asking God to wrap his arms around this family during this horrible time.

Take this as a reminder that life is precious. The people we love could be here one second and gone the next. Call someone you love today and tell them how much they mean to you. You may not be given tomorrow to do so.


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