Thursday, August 18, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - August 18, 2016: Lifting Up Louisiana

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

We all have "down" days. Never for one second think because I keep a positive attitude on here that I don't have moments. I have them .. daily. In fact that is one reason I do PREP WITH PURPOSE.
I was really struggling with figuring out my life (have been for some time) and when this idea popped into my mind this past spring ... it just gave me a strange peace. Even if no one logs on and reads or joins me .. I feel like I have some sort of purpose for the time being. In addition to helping others and having something to motivate me daily - it gives me a daily goal to get on here and blog. This week has been full of so many people that are in tough situations and as I've lifted up and for each one ... I've prayed that God remind me how blessed I am ... that I am enough ... that I'm on the right path to somewhere ... wherever that may be. He will eventually show me.

As usual, I'm spending most of my day trying to find people for this project. It makes me sad because I KNOW there are SO MANY people out there that are in urgent or ongoing need of well wishes/prayer. But I don't have a magic ball. This is where I need YOUR help. Maybe you see something on the news, see something on your social feed, have a friend or family member in need, or even just an acquaintance from work you have overheard talking about someone? Please send them my way!! I need as many details as you can offer (or links you can send me) and pictures if possible!

Today we will be lifting up and for Louisiana. You can't turn on the TV without seeing the heartbreak.

Prep With Purpose - August 18, 2017: Lifting Up Louisiana  

I lived in Nashville during "the big flood" and watched peoples lives turn upside down. We were so blessed that our home and business suffered no damage. But it was heartbreaking to see the community we lived in under water. People are STILL trying to pick up the pieces. So today I'll lift up and for everyone that has been affected by this natural disaster in Louisiana. Many people lost everything .. they are weak and exhausted from being injured, cleaning up, or simply from worry and stress alone. I can lay down tonight in my home with my family next to me. I am healthy and any exhaustion I may experience is nothing compared to what these poor families are going through.

I've seen numerous Go Fund Me type pages. But one that keeps popping up on my feed and one I can vouch for because I know the person that set it up ... is THIS ONE. 

Meghan Linsey (who some of you may know as the runner up on Season 8 of The Voice) is a Louisiana native and is raising money that she will make sure goes directly to victims, their families and into the community of Ponchatoula...where she is from.  Since most families don't have access to kitchens and all of them will be cleaning out and rebuilding their homes, they want to use the money to buy gift cards to local restaurants and local hardware stores and distribute them to families. The rest of the funds will be used to hire local carpenters that will help rebuild the community.

As I sweat, pant and push myself during my endurance workout today (that is what's on tap for me at some point today) .. I'll not complain. I'll rejoice that I have the CHOICE to be at the gym spending my time .. when so many people are sweating, panting, exhausted and crying as they pick up the pieces of their lives.


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