Monday, May 10, 2010

The Nashville Flood .. ALL life is equal, isn't it?

Hello Friends,

I am not sure where to even begin. Winston Churchhill once said, "If you're going through hell keep on going" and I guess that is all the place I now call "home" can do.

Over our lifetime we will see several national disasters on TV and think to ourselves that we couldn't imagine being there.  While I am praising God that I was not personally affected by the Historic Nashville Flood, I was here in Nashville for the torrential down pour and it seems everywhere I look someone I know has been affected in some way or another.  Streets are closed, entire subdivisions are totally under water, our mall is more like a lake, historic Nashville landmarks are ruined, families displaced, animals roaming around with no home, even the TV station where I work is STILL under evacuation! They are letting us in for a few hours a day to try and throw together a newscast. It's been very surreal. These are some pictures from the disaster. However no lens could ever capture what is going on here in Music City.  

(L to R:  Downtown Nashville under water .. One of the worst hit subdivisions .. Opry Mills Mall area ... Interstate 24 ... Downtown view from the bridge .... Farmers Market ... Grand Ole Opry House ... Germantown area)

As I endlessly watch news coverage my heart breaks. I even find myself feeling a little guilty.  Why them and not me? Tragedy is one of the things none of us will ever understand I guess?  While each image breaks my heart in a different way, not much made my heart hurt more than this little guy below.

My friend Brian (that I work with at Fox) posted a video on facebook and sent me a text regarding this little girl on Monday evening. A teeny tiny kitten that washed up on his front porch.  She was scared, hungry, injured, homeless and so helpless. With tears flowing down my face, I looked at Doug and he knew we were possibly coming home with a new fur child.  I went to my friends house and literally cried for hours.  It's not that I don't value human life -- I do.  It's just that most the time most humans are complete a#! holes and animals are not only are helpless and reliant on us for survival, they are full of unconditional love. I guess it's for that reason my heart breaks even more for some reason when I see an animal hurt without a home. I'm not alone in this.  I know because of all the response I got when I posted that I needed help getting this little girl a home.  After a long night (we took her to a friends house who fostered her overnight) and after a long morning at the vet (who offered services for free by the way .. thank you Berry Hill Animal Hospital)... I found "little flood kitty" a home. My heart was breaking when I gave her up (my two very sassy adult cats would never take a kitten right now) but I was filled with joy that with the help of other good people ... I saved a life. 

As I type, my sweet little fur child "Gizmo" is laying on my hands. (This is him .. oh my hands .. isn't he the cutest)

Sometimes I fuss at him for being a bit aggressive in the attention department.. but not tonight. I am just so thankful that not only is our home, Doug's business and our lives still in tact .. my little furry friends are safe and sound too!!

If you have ever thought about adopting an animal or adding another to your life and you live in or near Middle Tennessee, now is the best time to do it.  As I understand ... they have so many homeless animals .. they have started putting them down :-(  If you are like me and just can in no way have another one right now then please rescue one and help find it a good home or take some much needed food or litter to the animal shelters. God created every creature and there little lives are no less important!

Grace and Peace to you,

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  1. you are so right stacy..i cant imagine what the people and animals of nashville r going thru..Just as Im typing right now my kitty luize is sating on my chest.. i I wish i could help by adopting but i cant right now. Could you please email me at or sabri tompkins on facebook of animals rescues int the nashville area that u think r really good.