Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - August 17, 2016: Jacqueline Carrizosa

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

It's hump day! Let's get past the middle of the week with a smile on our face, look forward to a few more productive days and then hopefully a nice relaxing weekend with those we love! Friday will be here in a blink, so how about we make it a goal to not wish away the next few days and enjoy them for what they are .. a gift :)

Yesterday was hump day for me! I totally smashed my lower body workout. I can already tell I'm gonna feel this one for dayyyyyyyys. It was all in memory of a member of our #FitFam. I hope you joined me in lifting in Taylor's honor as well as up/for his family. 

A little update on me quickly. I am feeling good .. feeling relaxed .. back on my schedule from so much traveling and ready to get back on stage soon(ish)!!! After reviewing all my judges feedback and having a long chat with my coach ... I'm in an odd spot. Actually going to attempt to gain a little weight and see where it goes on my body. I can always re-lose it if it goes places we don't want. Then we are gonna experiment with something new for peak week and see if it dials me in where the judges would prefer to see me. Despite all I eat and the very little cardio I do .. I am still just a little too lean for the bikini division .. but only in certain spots. I guess there are worse things, lol. Actually... this is really hard. REALLY hard. Since you can't spot reduce or gain ... it makes things SUPER tricky!! It's also hard because I LOVE my more conditioned/hard look. We shall see what happens. It may mean this first show back isn't successful .. the changes may not result in the look we want .. but that is part of it. I'm still learning my body, learning what it is the judges want to see from ME at this phase in my career ... but also what "look" will make me happy/confident as well. 

Today is an upper body lift and some endurance work. I'll be lifting up and for a Vegas local that was training for a motorcycle race when she had an accident. She needs our immediate thoughts/prayer. My real estate agent here in Nevada shared a Go Fund Me Page yesterday. Scrolling socials seems to be the only way I'm finding people to feature! Please help me out guys! I know you all run across people that need lifting up! Send me an email with all details if you do!

Prep With Purpose - August 17, 2016: Jacqueline Carrizosa 
*Since I don't know's easiest to just copy/paste all the info from her Go Fund Me Page*

Veterans Training Fund lead ambassador and Machine Guns Vegas Range Safety Officer Jacqueline Carrizosa was in a critical accident over the weekend while training for her 640-mile Vegas to Reno ironman motorcycle race, intended to raise funds for Veterans Training Fund. We can now confirm due to injuries sustained during the accident, that she has broken her back in two places, and has lost a kidney. She is stable now, but needs our help. An official VTF-approved GoFundMe account has been set up to assist with her medical bills and rehabilitation, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Jacque. We ask you all to please donate what you can, and please send prayers and positive vibes to Jacque via Twitter at @Brojaq  and using the already trending hashtag #PrayforBrojaq in support of our favorite Navy veteran, professional motocross rider, and all-around great person.

Through Jacque’s employment at MGV  and involvement with several firearms accessory products (she’s even trained Rihanna for her role on the set of the movie “Battleship”) the 26-year old has positioned herself as a post-military ambassador by applying her previous military training to real world employment opportunities, putting herself in a unique position to empower veterans.

Jacque was set to race the General Tires Vegas to Reno 2016  as the first military veteran female to Ironwoman a race against 300 competitors. Her race was to take place August 17-20 and the funds raised for Jacque’s Vegas to Reno Race would have gone directly to the Veterans Training Fund (VTF) , which provides scholarships to veterans who intensively train in its programs in order to transition into new careers which incorporate their previous military training.

This is just so heartbreaking. It would be like me being on Prep for a big show and being in an accident that kept me from following my dream. Aside from her physical wounds .. I can imagine this would be very depressing. Actually I know it can. Years ago (2008) I was just weeks from possibly trying out for college level cheer when I was in a horrible car accident that stripped me of ever being able to cheer/tumble again (in that college time frame anyway.) It sucks. Bad. When you are active and CAN'T be ... it's a rough thing.

So let's remember that WE ARE ABLE!!! WE CAN BE ACTIVE!! Today let's lift up and for Jacqueline... who would give anything to be training for her race!!


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