Thursday, August 11, 2016

Apple - Candied Pecan - Goat Cheese - Macro Friendly Pizza

Hey Fit Fam,
I am taking you in the kitchen with Simply Stacy today!!!! 
If you follow my #SnapChat story you saw a unique little pizza combo I came up with the other day!
Since I've yet to find a macro friendly GLUTEN FREE crust-like substitute (I'm so jealous of those of you that can you use low carb wraps, flat out, etc.) ... I used cauliflower crust and I'm just kinda "ehh" when it comes to those. I think I'll just keep saving my pizza meals for when I can get to my favorite place in Vegas called Greens and Proteins. The macros on all the pizzas are INSANE GOOD, they have a GF crust option and the bbq ckn is literally the best pizza ever! 
Anywho .. I used the same pizza topping ingredients and just made a salad instead of a pizza last night and today! I am officially OBSESSED with this combo. Red delicious apples + crumbled Goat Cheese + Candied Pecans (from Trader Joes) and my new favorite ZERO MACRO salad dressing - OMG so good!!! I think it was better as a salad than pizza .. but again that could be because of the crust!
I have my staple meals and this will now be one! Both recipes for the pizza and salad are below!! Enjoy friends!

Apple/Goat Cheese/CauliCrust Pizza

*Crust of choice (I made a cauli crust out of 2 servings of steamed trader joes cauli crumbs and water drained using a cheese cloth. one egg and seasonings. Baked in convection oven 375 for like 20-30 min or until done. I flipped after 20 min and cooked till firm.) 

as always adjust amounts based on your own personal calories/macros 

*1/2 tsp olive oil (can use more if you want)
*15g dijon mustard
*Couple squeezes of lemon juice
*oregano (i used essential oil but dried is fine)
*rosemary (i used essential oil but dried is fine)
*Stevia (honey would be better but I didn't want to waste my carbs)
*Spinach - I used about a cup and tore it into tiny pieces.
*Shredded ckn (i make this in bulk in a crock pot on meal prep day - unseasoned.)
*1oz crumbled goat cheese
*trader joes candied pecans (I used 14g)
*thin sliced & peeled red apple (I used 30g)
*dried rosemary and powdered stevia sprinkled on top once cooked

*Make your crust
*While crust is baking (if needed) mix together ingredients from the olive oil to ckn. Spread mixture onto crust.
*Arrange apples, pecans and goat cheese on top.
*I baked my crust (I had already made) for about 5min at 375 in my convection oven and then broiled until cheese was a little melted. I actually let it go a littel too long and burnt the edges of my crust. When done I took a bite I felt it needed more flavor (probably because I used a cauli crust) and so I sprinkled some stevia and rosemary on top! It was then perfect! 

Since the pizza crust wasn't worth the macros to me .. I made this into a spinach side salad last night and OMG!!!! I didn't do the chicken mixture part because I was having a juicy extra lean burger as my protein/fat. But it would have been amazing to add in the salad!! For some reason I always feel MORE full when I separate all my foods as much as possible! So protein on the side made me feel much more full! You pick .. either way .. this apple, goat cheese, candied pecan combo is insane good! 

BUT the kicker?! I found a ZERO MACRO dressing that pairs well with any "sweet" salad like this one.
It's the Walden Farms Super Fruit Balsamic Vinaigrette. I get all my Walden Farms products on VitaCost because they are usually cheaper and it is always hit or miss if they have it at grocery stores! Plus I've NEVER seen this salad dressing at a store. You can get $10 off your first order at VitaCost HERE! Trust me ... this dressing is AMAZING! But any fruity type vinaigrette would pair well on this salad!!


**PS - If you use hat VitaCost link you should get a coupon for a discount! This isn't an affiliate link or anything ... just a link I found that gets you all a $10 off. I use VitaCost for all my creative/different foods, vitamins, etc. Love that little online store!

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