Thursday, July 28, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - July 28, 2016: Jessica's New Heart

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

I ended up going totally off my "norm" for my HIIT cardio only day yesterday. I ALWAYS run field sprints because I feel like they not only get my heart rate up higher....but being outside makes the time pass much faster for some reason. It's not that I ENJOY them (ha) cause I certainly DO NOT .. but I do feel like I get a better cardio session in. I also seem to be more focused outside. I'm out there alone ... so I have no distractions and can really focus on what I'm doing and really lift up and for the "person" of the day for PREP WITH PURPOSE. I usually say my more in depth prayer in my warm up/ cool down .. but I often find myself repeating the persons name OVER and OVER during my the actual SPRINT portion of my HIIT to light a fire under me to MOVE! For some reason I find it harder to do that at the gym. That said ... I got a late start and it was already about 6 degrees hotter than it normally would be. Plus the air quality is still kind of ehh here in Vegas. So I went to the gym and did my HIIT indoors. I did 1/2 on a cross trainer and half on a bike. Afterwards, I ended up doing a short ab circuit and glute workout (even though it was a rest day from lifting .. you can never train the booty too much, lol) and also some stretching with my Rad Roller ( and you can type on StacyM at checkout for a discount.)

Well ... now I am kicking myself for NOT doing my outdoor sprints yesterday! Should have saved that indoor day for TODAY because it's going to be even HOTTER.... 114 degrees!!!! I have to do it though. NO excuses. Heat or not.....I'm NOT doing cardio indoors again, ha. I only have cardio 3x a week ... it's such a short amount of time ... I CAN DO IT and I have some great motivation to push me today!

Prep With Purpose - July : Jessica Ellison Gross

Meet Jessica .. we actually went to high school together in East Tennessee. Because you don't always see everything on social media .. I had no clue that Jessica had been battling heart disease and was on a heart transplant list until I saw the GOOD news last week that she was getting a new heart!

On July 20th she got the "good" news and then went into surgery the very next morning.

Here is Jessica's most recent update that she posted on her FB page -- "The morning of the 20th the doctors came in and I heard the words I was ready to hear we have you a heart. I just kinda stopped in my tracks and was speechless. But I knew god had chose the heart and I was in the place I needed to be. On the morning of the 21st the sugery started and the heart that was taking my life away was taken out and I have received a strong beating heart. I feel so alive again. Thank you all so much for all the prayers Our God is awesome and he had this planned. I still have a long road to go but I'm ready to face it head on. I love you all very much!

Today I will lift up and for Jessica. I will praise God that he gave her a heart that will hopefully beat inside of her for a very long time. I will pray for the family that lost a loved one. With these transplant stories ... it's always hard because while one person is crying tears of joy .. another is experiencing a great loss.


I want to continue this project/prayer chain. But I'm finding myself spending HOURS searching for people to "lift up and for" because I'm not getting any requests -- I know you guys have to know someone (or have heard of someone) with an ongoing or urgent need for physical healing?
Please send me all details possible, a pic if they don't mind sharing, etc.

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