Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#PrepWIthPurpose - July 20, 2016: Renee Archer

Hello Friends,

Ask and you shall receive :) I got a few Prep With Purpose requests rolling in .. so I'm able to keep going this week! It's a great week to have some GREAT motivation because I think I've picked my next pro show :) I'm waiting on ironing out some travel plans, making sure finances are going to be okay to take on the financial aspects of another out of town show, etc. But as long as all those pieces fall into place I plan on competing again SOON! So I will be prepping as if I have another show in the near future! I have some areas I need to work on and I must remain driven and focused! 

Today I am actually training with a guy that I've followed on Instagram for a long time. He is randomly in Vegas and I get to pick his brain for an hour, let him critique my form and go over some new exercises to help me build in the areas I want to build! So I'm super excited about today's lift and it looks as if I have some serious motivation! 

Today's request comes from a FB friend. Let's lift up and for a woman who beat cancer once and needs the strength to beat it again!!! In fact, she is having surgery TODAY!!

Prep With Purpose -- July 20, 2016: Renee Archer 

Renee Archer battled stage 3 breast cancer in 2011 & 2012. On July 4th of this year ... she passed out while at the grocery store and shattered her leg. After the fall, doctors found out her cancer is back, but this time its in her brain. 

Renee was just transferred to Vanderbilt Medical Center to have brain surgery to remove the tumors. That surgery is scheduled to take place TODAY!! So we need to lift up and for Renee with every ounce of strength we have all day today!! Her name will be on repeat as I train! I hope you join me!!

My facebook friend that sent in this request tells me that Renee is an amazing friend, supporter, and huge huge predators fan. She asks that we pray that she will not give her prognosis is not that great. She ask that we pray she fights the hardest fight of her life, that we pray for her mom to be strong and for her son to have strength as well. 


 RENEE WE ARE LIFTING UP AND FOR YOU TODAY!!!!! I pray that God guide the surgeons as they remove these tumors today, give peace to your family as they await the news that surgery went well and that you will recover quickly with no pain and are soon once again CANCER FREE!!

You will come out of this stronger than ever before!! In the meantime .. we will be lifting up and for you today!


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