Saturday, July 16, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose -- July 16, 2016: For Them All

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.
Hey Friends,

It's here. It's not just show day ... it's the day of my PRO DEBUT!

Here is how my show day looks .....

6am - up to eat
Start getting ready
Pause to eat
Make up
Pause to pump up
Finish getting ready
Go downstairs for my PRO DEBUT at NOON(ct)
Finals 5pm(ct)
ENJOY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY that came to see me!!!!

Mixed in ALL of that will be a lot of praying, focusing, visioning myself on that stage doing my best, etc.

I haven't had these "nervous" feelings since the day of my first show. Even then .. these butterflies are different. My last show (Team U) I woke up so calm, so collected, so at peace with whatever happened that day. I still feel that way .. but my nerves are just a little more on edge. Mainly because at National shows I don't really know anyone. The "eyes on me" are 99.9% strangers eyes. That isn't the case at this show. I find that both completely nerve wracking and calming at the same time. I'm so grateful for the handful of friends and family that are coming .. as well as my coach and a host of #FitFam that are going to be screaming! Thank you all!

Instead of having ONE person for PREP WITH PURPOSE I am doing the same thing I did for TEAM U. Today is -- FOR THEM ALL! I will step on that stage in honor of everyone I've lifted up and for during this project. I will say a prayer for them all and then I will walk into that spotlight with peace .. knowing that so many wonderful people fighting HUGE battles are the ones that have motivated me to be standing where I am. Even if I get last call outs ... I've made a difference in someones life other than my own .. even if only in a small way. If I win .. the victory will be so much more sweet :) My vision has been razor focused and my drive so much deeper thanks to these courageous people fighting for life. I hope I represent each of you well today.

Fingers crossed and prayers up for me if you can :) I'll be posting updates on social media .. so find me on insta, facebook, twitter and snapchat (I usually post FIRST on snap.)  Let's hope the next time I'm writing ... it's celebrating my first Pro Victory and prepping for a REALLY big stage :) :)


PS - Prep With Purpose WILL pick back up on Sunday or Monday! So PLEASE send my requests for anyone that has an urgent or ongoing physical need for good vibes/prayer. You can email me at Without your requests .. I can't "Prep With Purpose". So keep em coming and I'll keep on going! 

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