Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose - - Day Three: Kathy's Cancer Battle

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hello Fit Fam,

Day two of #PrepWithPurpose is in the books! It feels so good to write someones name other than mine in the pages of my prep journal each day! I also take a few lines and write any other motivation! It could be a post I ran across on social media, a text from a friend, or a line/scripture that touched me from my Good Morning affirmation book or Jesus Calling devotion.  But the focus of my motivation is the person we are praying for as part of this project!

Yesterday was a bit of a physical challenge for me again. This lower back/glute pain was still there. I spent some time using my Rad Roller products and praying for my person of the day (which was 7 year old Kobe) and I felt so much better. I actually am able to run pretty much pain free. It's sitting and stretching that hurt the most.  I was hoping to go get a massage but the day got way too busy. Maybe I'll get one my next rest/cardio day .. which is Friday! But seriously .. those Rad Roller products are miracle workers!! I've never used anything like them!! It's so much more than your typical old school foam roller. You can go to my Instagram and see some videos, but there is this tiny green ball that I used today and it really DIGS into hip flexors/glutes and seemed to do the trick for whatever this pain is I have! I feel like a few more days of extra isolation in that area and I'll be good to go! If you want to place a Rad Roller order just go to www.radroller.com and you can use my friend/family code (StacyM) at check out for a discount! But please email me with any questions! There are tons of products and they are NOT just for us lifters! I use one of the products for the carpel tunnel I have in my right wrist, another for headaches, tension, back pain in general. These are MOBILITY products so they are great for anyone!!

Okay .. off topic. Back to PREP WITH PURPOSE! I'm ready for DAY THREE .. are you? Let's get to praying!

PREP WITH PURPOSE -- DAY THREE:  Kathy's Cancer Battle

I ask that you join me in praying for physical healing for Kathy.  A friend of mine from high school sent me this prayer request. I am taking information straight from the family Go Fund Me page.  


My motivation for today's lift (which is a longer/more grueling one) will come from Kathy and my lift will be in her honor. I AM ABLE and she is not. I will NOT take my health for granted. I am grateful for the abilities that God gives me. I ask that God guide the doctors and nurses that are taking care of Kathy, that He wrap His arms around her family and friends and not only heal Kathy quickly, but ease her pain and stress as much as possible.

Kathy has been diagnosed as Stage IV Gallbladder Cancer. She was able to receive her first round of chemo recently and will continue treatment for about the next 3 months. In early May 2016 Kathy was admitted to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City after scans showed unexpected tumors in multiple areas. She was at OU Medical for 2 weeks for the doctors to do testing and manage her pain as best as they could. Nothing seemed to put her pain at rest no matter the medicine. After the first week, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer of the Unknown Primary. She was released to go home with many questions unanswered.

Her family then sought a second opinion at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Tulsa and they confirmed Stage IV cancer and wanted to do a few more test to determine the type so they could start treatment as soon as possible. During these tests, they found more issues that only complicated the situation. She was then admitted to the hospital, again, at CTCA.

The family and Kathy need urgent and ongoing prayer. They have also set up a Go Fund Me page. I do not personally know this family so I can not vouch for them personally as to if they need the money, etc. This project isn't about helping people financially .. it's about praying for them. However I am sharing the link in case you feel led to donate. They say that donations will support the family in the following ways:

        - Makayla (9), Kathy's youngest daughter
        - Medical expenses
        - Travel and overnight expenses for family
        - Living expenses at home

I hope you are joining me on this prayer journey as I prep for #TeamU on July 1st & 2nd! If you are please post/share and use the hashtag #PrepWithPurpose! Let's get a huge prayer chain going and in the process maybe make the sport of bodybuilding less about "me, me, me" and a little more about helping others! Our motivation doesn't have to come from ONLY ourselves!


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com. 

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