Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feel Good 52 - Week 8 & 9

Hey Fit Fam ...

Whirlwind. That is how I could describe the past month. Especially the last two weeks.

I have tried so hard to stay on top of doing these weekly challenges but life has really kicked my ass - mentally and physically!! I've certainly been using my "word of the year" (adapt) and the way things are going it looks like (unknowingly) that word could very well save me in 2016 if I use it in the way it's intended.

While the idea is to do ONE CHALLENGE EACH WEEK .. life happens! Because of that I missed Week 8. I am so sorry to those of you that are keeping up weekly! However I have a feeling that my followers are slacking :) That is okay .. just try to get them done as you can and please continue to let me know if you are on board for this! It keeps me motivated to keep posting!

Instead of trying to cram two into one week. I'm just going to combine week 8 & 9 for ease!
I'm not going to lie. I was a little selfish in picking this one because it's something I'm going to be doing A LOT of this week and did A LOT of last week. I had planned to put in on the list this year anyway .. so no better time than now!

WEEK 8 & 9 -- clean and purge! 
The first day of Spring is creeping upon us and instead of starting our "spring cleaning and purging" then .. let's get a LITTLE head start. Now this is two fold. I want you to clean and purge someTHING and someONE. Yes .. I said someone. Let me elaborate. We all have one "friend" or one "page" or one "something" that we follow that just exhausts us. Well ... we aren't gonna take it anymore. Find the courage to hit that DELETE/UNFRIEND button! If you can't do it .. then in the least "unfollow" them so you don't see whatever it is they post that doesn't bring you happiness! If you don't have social media or don't have anyone on socials you want to part with .... then allow this to be something as simple as deleting phone numbers out of your phone. I have THOUSANDS of numbers in my phone and you know how many I use ... like 5. No joke. So be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or your phone .. delete one name that makes you cringe when you see it!! I deleted a couple numbers from my phone that randomly pop up and make me go "ugh" as well as a couple of "fitness" accounts that I should have unfollowed a LONG time ago. I'm so sick of the pages that are only pages because they "sell shout outs". So buh bye to any of those that pop up on my feed this week!
The second step of this "clean and purge" is just like it sounds. Pick one drawer, one closet, one room, the trunk of your car, your garage, etc. and get rid of anything there you don't use, don't love, doesn't bring you happiness! Since my hubs and I have just bought a house in Vegas (pending all contingencies work out) ... this is my life for the next little bit, lol! Yup .... Simply Stacy is now going to be splitting time in both Music City AND Sin City! So if I have any Vegas readers .. please message me!! I'd love to have some friends when I am out there! ((

I hope that things slow down a little for me and I don't forget to post Week 10 next week! But no promises! I'm actually NOT going on a trip that I REALLY want to go on just to be able to get some things marked off my "must do" list. So anyone that planned on seeing me at The Arnold .. looks like as of today I am going to have to skip it this year. I'm really bummed. But I have to be responsible!! In the meantime, I hope to still get a blog up for you this week! If not here, I have taken on a new blogging gig and am now a writer for Ridiculous Lifestyles! So you can catch my writing there from time to time as well!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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