Thursday, May 26, 2016

Triple B Burger (Berries+Beef+Bacon)

Hey Fit Fam,

Earlier this week I posted a recipe for my favorite pre/post workout unusual meal combo (Stacy's Sweet Chick Peanut Butter Nanner Bowl.) I guess my taste buds are seeking crazy variety .. cause I'm back at it again today with another oddly delicious combo!

I needed a few more carbs at one of my meals but not really anymore protein or fat. So I started wondering what fruit would taste good on BEEF.  I've done this before by combining beef, bacon, peanut butter and banana (known in many restaurants as the elvis burger) and it was delish. But this fruit & beef combo I came up this is was MUCH better and great if you want less fat at a particular meal because it requires no peanut butter!

I'm calling this one The Triple B Burger. The combo is ..... Berries + Beef + Bacon.

I know, I know, this one sounds even crazier than salty chicken/veggies + peanut butter + cinnamon/banana! But TRUST ME .. fruit combined with beef is A M A Z I N G!


Extra Lean Beef (My favorite is Trader Joes 96/4)
Strawberries (I used fresh but since you are heating them up frozen would work too)
Turkey Bacon (Or any bacon of your choice. I also like center cut bacon)
Balsamic Vinegar OR Sweet Bacon Onion Balsamic Salad Dressing from Trader Joe's (it's soooo good)

I had already made my beef patties. I make them 2x a week as part of my meal prep either on my George Foreman grill, outside gas grill, or stovetop! So they were already done! Cooking the basics in bulk a couple times a week is a great way to always have food, but also within 10 min you can do something different each time and have a new/creative meal!

I cooked my bacon in a skillet coated with olive oil spray and when done I put the bacon aside, turned the heat on low cooked my sliced strawberries in the pan I cooked my bacon in. I added 1 tablespoon of the TJ Sweet Onion Bacon dressing and just let it simmer until slightly soggy/soft.  I had planned on using balsamic but I was out and had this dressing! You can use either one .. but this salad dressing is one of my FAVORITES. It has some fat .. balsamic vinegar does not and the taste of the two is totally different. But both work great in this recipe. Once the strawberries were soft I crumbled my bacon into the mixture so it had some dressing on it too!

Heat up burger - put strawberry mixture on top - enjoy with whatever sides (more carbs and a veggie.. duh) that you want!

** Other things that would make this YUMMY? Some carmelized onions or some Brie cheese! I didn't have any onion or I would have added them. As for the cheese .. I didn't need/have the macros for it, nor do I keep brie cheese around the house, haha. But this cheese would compliment this combo really well!

If you make it, & love it, please post a pic on social media, tag me (@stacymccloud) and then lets hashtag -- #StacysTripleBBurger :)


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