Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Resistance Pants Get A Thumbs Up Review

Hey Fit Fam ...

On occasion I get hit up about reviewing products on my socials and blog. I almost always take companies up on these offers (who doesn't love free stuff) ... but not all of the reviews make it to my blog because sometimes I'm asked to simply "not review" if I don't fully enjoy the product.

About a month ago a subject line caught my eye -- "Awesome Pants For You To Try Out".

It's not often I get asked to review apparel so I was really excited about this one. I was even more excited when I read exactly why these pants were suppose to be so .... "awesome". They didn't even ask me to "withhold my opinion" if I didn't love the product (usually a good sign.)

The company is called Physiclo Activewear. They are a new startup out of NYC that has created functional training apparel featuring built-in resistance that claims to help enhance your workouts. The pants feature a unique system of special elastic panels that claim to push your body to work harder.

Physiclo Activewear Resistance Pants

Specifically .. they claim three things:

1 - You can get stronger faster (activate muscles like hamstrings, glutes and quads by an extra 23%)

2 - You can make cardio more productive (increase calorie burn and heart rate by 14%)

3 - You can maximize training time (more resistance means better results in less time .. ie, get your 1 hour workout done in 45min.)

Can one pair of pants really transform your workout? Can I get that "extra" burn in the booty that I always long for without having to wear bulky ankle weights? Hmmm ...they certainly had my attention!

My first thought ... try these babies out during a HotBox session .. so that is exactly what I did for this initial review!!

Let's start from the beginning...shall we? 

The Feel/Quality -- At first glance these pants don't look much different than your typical solid black high quality/thick compression pants. They look and feel very high quality. So at a glance you don't notice they are different. It's once you pick them up that you notice the difference.  They are heavier than compression pants .. much heavier.

The Fit -- I do not typically have to do the "lay on the bed and wiggle my way in" method when putting on compression pants ... but with these I did. The entire time I was thinking to myself they were going to be horribly uncomfortable ... but to my surprise (once I got them on) they didn't (initially) feel much different than other compression pants as far as how tight they were. Once I got moving I did NOTICE the resistance bands on the inside ... but they didn't "bother" me.
That said ... they do FIT different than my typical compression pants. The best way to describe it is that there was just a lot of extra "crotch" room.... and well .... I certainly don't need any "junk room" (except in the trunk, lol.) I'm not sure if this is because of the way I am shaped/built, that they were maybe just too big for me, or a flaw in design ... but this was the only negative as far as fit goes. This was purely an aesthetic issue and nothing a long shirt couldn't cover up if the "bunching" bothers you! Not enough for a negative review. They also seemed a bit warmer than my standard compression pants ... so not sure about wearing them in the summer? But I actually enjoyed the extra heat since I am .. (A) always cold and (B) don't sweat very much.

The Claims -- According to my FitBit Surge .. I did have a SLIGHTLY higher heartrate during this particular class and burned a few more calories compared to the week before. But I of course can't say it was because of the pants because my heart rate and calories burned always varies from class to class. But I did notice a bit more of a burn than usual! I especially noticed this during kick backs and and all the kicks we do in class!

The Final Verdict -- I really want to try these on a leg day, HIIT or Endurance workout and Plyo focused day in order to get a better idea of how much they "burn" during these types of activities :) But from one use ... they do get a thumbs up from me! Would I buy them if I were you?? In short .. why not!! Most of you already spend this same amount on ordinary compression pants with no added benefit ... so why not buy some with a little added "umph"!! They are certainly more comfortable than wearing bulky ankle weights and any chance to get some extra "cake work" ... I'm all for it!! They would also be great for travel when you don't want to pack any kind of extra weights, etc!

I see on their kickstarter type page that they have raised almost $154,000 .. so they must be doing something right! You can get more information, videos, etc., on their MAIN webpage ... so I suggest you go check them out there!!

The capri pants that I tested retail at $110 but are on sale right now for $89.  I went with the capri because I am a shortie and I wasn't sure how long the actual pants would be on me. You can't tell in the picture because I have on my cozy uggs .. but they did fit at/around capri length on me!

So ... CLICK HERE, check em out, order a pair and feel that added booty burn! I look forward to seeing how the company expands! If you buy them ... at mention me on social media and let me know how you like them!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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