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​Hey Fit Fam,

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If you follow me on SnapChat (find me .. it's just StacyMcCloud) then you know that either nice cream, proyo, froyo, etc., is almost a daily staple. I make these different pretty much every day based on what my Macro needs are for that meal or day. I will be posting ALL the possible ways to make ice cream into a healthy creation over the next little bit! But I am starting with this one because it's my favorite (and healthiest) ... so far!!

One day I was making some ProYo (the base is always pretty much just unsweetened almond milk, stevia, yogurt and 1st phorm protein) as part of my post workout meal (I also have food after my proyo) and was sipping on my BCAAs that I drink after every workout. I got to thinking ... how can I put my BCAAs IN my ProYo?! That is how this little creation was born and O M G ... it is BY FAR the best topping I've put on any of my "ice cream/froyo/proyo" creations!!! Annnnnnnd it's the healthiest!! Sometimes I use cereal as a topping (not always healthy unless you are using something like Love Grown Foods Cereal) ... so this is a great and very clean way to enjoy something sweet and get in your post workout BCAAs at the same time!!!

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** 1 container Yogurt - I used 6oz of Kroger CarbMaster Vanilla. But I've used many others depending what I want the macros to be! You can also leave this out!
** 1st Phorm Phormula 1 Protein - For this I used 1st Phorm Phormula1 Loop D Fruit because it mixes so well with the fruity amino flavor! Vanilla and Juicy Watermelon works great too! If post workout just make sure you are using the Phormula-1 whey isolate! I vary between a scoop to a 1/2 scoop depending on my protein needs that day. The more protein you use you may have to use more "milk". Also if you do not use the yogurt .. use at least one scoop of the protein or you won't get the same consistency or flavor!
** 1-2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract. I use the more expensive real stuff!
** 4-6+oz milk of choice. I used Vanilla UNSWEETENED cashew almond milk. I start with 4 or 5 and add more if I feel it's needed. It really depends on how much protein you use!
** 1 tablespoon stevia or a few squeezes of the liquiod kind (I prefer this)
** ICE! I use anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1+ cups depending on size of ice. Start with less .. taste and check consistency and then you can always add more!

** Serving of 1st Phorm BCAAs. This is individual per person. So use whatever amount you use post workout.
** Sliced strawberries (or other fruit.) I used 55g but you can use as little or much as you want. This was just how much I needed this day to hit macros I wanted.
** Water - I didn't measure. But I probably used 3-5 tablespoons. Use enough so that your aminos aren't too strong. I liked my base more watery.

Freeze container of yogurt for about an hour. Mine was hard.. but not solid. If you freeze too long you can take (cut) out of container, transfer to bowl and microwave for 10-20 seconds at a time until you can at least break it off in chunks and put in blender. You can also put yogurt in an empty ice cube tray and pop out frozen pieces.
Put frozen yogurt, protein powder, vanilla extract, stevia and ice in Ninja and blend till smooth. I prefer a ninja but other blenders will probably work.
Put bowl of goodness back in freezer for 10-20 min. Take out and stir well. Scraping from sides (that's where it freezes first.) Enjoy now or keep putting in for 10 min at a time and repeating the stirring until desired texture!!
** you can blend and enjoy straight from blender. But the texture is MUCH better if you put back in freezer at least once **

Put strawberries, water, aminos in small bowl and stir. I mashed my strawberries a little!
Put in freezer for 10+ min ... or just fridge if you want. I liked mine where the strawberries were a little frozen with the base watery. I just threw mine in when I was putting the FroYo in for the last time. 

*Hopefully you are using IGNITION with your Phormula-1 post work out!!! If so, you can put it in either the ice cream or the topping!! If you put it in the "ice cream" (before blending. just put in when you put your protein in).... there is no need for stevia. It sweetens it right up!!

If you want to enjoy some ProYo and it's NOT post workout, make sure and use LEVEL ONE instead of Phormula 1 and just omit the BCAAs!  This is just a good "base" you can use with ANY flavor of yogurt and 1st phorm protein!

If you follow me on snap you know I make a version of this every night. However I use LEVEL ONE any other time of the day besides post/pre workout! Level One does produce a much creamier "ice cream". I also often don't use the yogurt at night and do the full scoop of Level One instead. Or if I have lots of macros left .. I do both :) Talk about a BIG BOWL of goodness!!!!

This is just a base. Get creative!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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