Thursday, June 4, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar Slaw

Hey Fit Fam,

Before I did Flexible Dieting I always had a piece of paper with my meals laid out for me. I enjoy both methods mainly because my old coach didn't restrict many foods so it FELT like I was flexible dieting anyway (a discussion about flexible dieting and paper plans for another time.) But back when I was given all my foods for the week ... I'll never forget the first time my old coach put "Cabbage" on my meal plan.  I was like ... "Heck no, give me something else cause I hate cabbage."  But did I really hate cabbage? Or did I just THINK I hated cabbage. I decided to figure it out. Cabbage is such a low macro side .. there HAD to be a way I could make it not only yummy but prep friendly. I came up with TWO ways. First was roasting it. Like any other veggie .. roasting in the oven totally changes the taste! LOVE IT that way! The second way (a slaw variation) is probably my favorite though. It's great with burgers or tacos!!! There is NO MAYO in this slaw (yuck) ... so it is totally prep friendly!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Apple Cider Vinegar Slaw 

* One bag shredded cabbage (I prefer the one that is JUST green cabbage. Not a mix of cabbage and carrots. But you can use whatever you want. You can also chop your own. I go for what is easy and the pre-shredded bags at Trader Joe's are pretty darn cheap) 
* Dijon Mustard -- I use 3 to 4 heavy "squirts" .. sorry I don't measure!!
* Apple Cider Vinegar. I prefer to use Bragg because of all the health benefits! But any brand will work. I also don't measure this (sorry). I just do 3 generous pours. Each pour is probably 1-2tbs I would guess?? Careful not to get too much. Better to do less and add more!
* Generous shake or two of Flavor God Garlic Lovers Seasoning
* 1-2 squeezes of liquid Stevia (or one individual serving packet)

I put everything (except cabbage) in a cup with a lid and shake it up really well! Then put 1/2 the bag of shredded cabbage in a big container. I pour 1/2 the liquid in and give it a good shake. Put the rest of the cabbage in and the rest of the liquid in and give it another good shake. Do NOT eat right away. I mean you CAN .. but it is best if you wait at least a few hours and let the flavors soak into the cabbage before you eat it (overnight is actually best.) If it seems too dry .. simply add some more of the mixture above!! It took me making it a few times to figure out how much I needed of each.  I usually make extra of the mixture and keep it in the fridge so I can have it ready in case I need more! Also .. shake it up good before you serve it each time! It keeps for a week or more! Enjoy!

**other add ins**
This would also be great with jalapeƱos, onions and/or tomato. Also some bacon, pecans, avocado, dried cranberries, apples, raisins, or grapes would be delicious if you have the macros!!

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