Monday, October 6, 2014

Meal Prep Monday: My three favorite "sides" (recipes included)

Hey Fit Fam ...

Three of my absolute favorite veggie sides are broccoli, cabbage and asparagus! I find that those are almost always my "veggie of choice" for every single meal plan!! I never get bored with them...but it's because of how I cook them!

To me .. while steaming may be easy .. it's so blahhhh. I RARELY eat my veggies that way. So I thought I'd share with you my absolute favorite way to make all three. I roast them in the oven .. omg yummmmmm!!!! It totally changes the taste -- especially of the cabbage!! Who knew I would CRAVE cabbage...but I do!!!!

Roasting - broccoli, cabbage or asparagus (or really any veggie you want)

** Spray a baking sheet with olive oil spray (or if you don't do sprays then mist on the real deal). You have two options next -- you can either put the veggie in a bowl or big gallon size zipper bag and either spray with olive oil spray (or again... put a little of the real deal in there if that is allotted for your healthy fats), add seasonings of your choice -- I use Flavor God Garlic Lovers -- and then shake it up. Or option two .. the lazier way. Just lay your veggie out on a cooking sheet, spray with the olive oil spray (or mist from a bottle) .. shake on your seasonings and done!  It doesn't coat them as even .. but since I am not serving it immediately -- I make them in bulk for meal planning for the week -- when I'm done cooking them I put them in a big container and give them a shake anyway. So I have found it doesn't matter. I bake at 425 and just watch it. Usually around 20-25min. I also will put it on broil toward the end sometimes!

** For the cabbage you have two cutting choices**

You can cut it into  big thick pieces round. They are called cabbage steaks. Or even "wedges" if you prefer. Just lay them in the oven .. cook 8-10 and flip to the other side.

Or if you have a hard time keeping the cabbage "steaks" together in one piece and they start falling apart when you cut them and you get frustrated (that would be me) -- just throw it on the sheet however you want, ha.

I bake at 425 for about 8-10 min and then "flip" the steaks ... or if you cut it up .. I just stir it around. If it's cut up .. watch for thinner pieces to burn and take them out earlier if needed.  Time varies based on how crispy you want it! I like them crispier! Either way when I'm done .... I put it all in a container and give it a few more shakes. So they don't stay in that "steak shape" anyway. As much as I tried the first time .. it doesn't stay in that perfect round "steak" shape - unless you are serving immediately. Plus it's harder to measure if you have to measure your food (and you should be).

Another option for broccoli -- Another option is to try eating it as "broccoli slaw". You can cut up your own or buy it pre-packaged (however note it usually has cabbage and carrots mixed in).  My recipe for my yummy broccoli slaw pasta is here. But if you want to make it as a side dish .. just don't add the sauce or meat! This is SUPER simple, takes no time and very little mess!

Another cabbage recipe that is my favorite -- Apple Cider Vinegar Slaw!!!!  I don't measure anything. But it's just a bag of pre shredded cabbage. Most also have carrots .. but I found one at Publix that is JUST shredded angle hair thin!!! Then it's just .. 4-6 small pours (guessing like tablespoon size) of apple cider vinegar, about 4-6 good squeezes of dijon mustard, some garlic seasoning (i use flavor god), pepper and some stevia. I put it into my magic bullet .. or just shake really well in a sealed container.  Pour it on top of the cabbage (I usually layer it) .. shake it up .. put in fridge :) That is it! It's so yummy! I would just do amounts based on your liking. Experiment a little bit! If it ends up too watery/strong .. just add more cabbage to it!

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  1. Going through lots of your old posts today, my husband will love this cabbage steak recipe.. Im guessing its not that great for reheats though, yes?

    1. It actually tastes exactly the same reheated! If you go look at my Meal Prep blog you will see I make ALL my food in bulk and it lasts at least 3-4 days. I never cook "meal by meal" .. or very rarely anyway. It will fall apart (wont stay in round form) .. but that's fine! It's easier to measure that way anyway!