Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bashing Bodies

Hey Fit Fam ...

Well this "SomeeCard" just took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

Today I want to write about something that has been on my heart. I got in a "facebook" war with a couple people a while back about obesity and stereotypes. A friend of mine posted what I thought was a disrespectful post about skinny people. He is overweight and knows what it's like to have society against him because of that.  So it hurt me even more that he would post something -- knowing what that feels like to be "picked on" for the way you look.

According to many of the commenters .. "skinny" and "fit" people don't get treated or talked about "badly". That really rubbed me the wrong way because it's so far from true. Someone mentioned that we (skinny and/or fit people) are the majority, so we don't know what it's like to be a minority in this group of people that society constantly belittles and bullies. They went on to argue that there is no such thing is "fit haters".  But that is .. in fact .. not true. Not true AT ALL!!! The fact of the matter is that THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ARE OVERWEIGHT!  Regardless of the facts... I was really ticked off about the comment that skinny or fit people are not subject to criticism, hate, etc.

I'm sure that "skinny" people can't count how many times people have told them "eat a cheeseburger" or been labeled as having an eating disorder or described as - "she starves herself".  How many shirts have you seen with quotes or heard people use the phrase "Skinny Bitch". There are even books about "Skinny Bitches". People thing it's funny to "hate on" smaller people (especially if they are not).  How are those words any less hurtful than calling someone a "Fat A$$"?!? I am sure many of these "skinny" girls/guys grew up lanky and awkward. I'm certain they were made fun of for it just as much as someone overweight was made fun of for being "fat".  So isn't it rather hypocritical for someone overweight to say these things?! What gives them the right? What makes one worse than the other??

This brings me to being "fit". Do we get more praise than criticism...of course. But are we free from the world of critics and haters --- uhhh heck no. People assume because I spend so much time at the gym and sculpting my body that I am "vain". People assume that because I am willing to put on a tiny bikini and get on stage and be "judged" that I'm "superficial".  People even assume I take performance enhancing drugs for goodness sake!!! While these things may be true for some... they are not for many of us.  Why do I want to spend so much time in the gym? Well ... for starters I really enjoy lifting weights! It is my hobby and how I choose to spend my free time. Why am I competing? Because it gives me a goal and as I've mentioned - fitness is my passion. There just so happens to be a sport for it .. so why not! It's not about "Damn, I look good, so let me get on stage and prance around and show off" -- it's about sculpting my body, developing muscle, self control, dedication and will power. It's about finding out what MY BEST ME is!!! It's just as much a mental competition as it is physical.  For me it's also a BIG step in overcoming my own insecurities. I have some major scars on my leg from a car accident. I can be very shy when it comes to my appearance. As much as people want to say "She is pretty and/or fit, so she has never been a victim of hate" -- well it's just not true!! I was made fun of and bullied PLENTY. I have flaws and (girls especially) have really enjoyed pointing them out over the years!

Most of us in the #FitFam work hard to look the way we do ... so why is it okay for people to judge us for being in shape? I know that 9 times out of 10 it's by either a person that wishes they had the will power to do what it takes, or someone that has been hurt by society/people for being overweight.  But does that make it okay - or any better? No!

I know that there are medical conditions that some people can't control. But the fact of the matter is that most people simply don't do what it takes to be healthy. They don't put in the effort. They make excuses. They blame having kids or having bad genetics (yes these are excuses. if you want me to post examples .. I will) ...yet they want to complain about being a victim of society. I guess I just don't get it?!  We have to get over this victim mentality. If you are happy with your body -- that is great!!! I'm all for some good self esteem!!! Ignore people and eat what you want! Just as I'll ignore people that call me vain, superficial and crazy for being so "gym obsessed". It's YOUR body and you should do what you want with it. Will I always try to encourage people to be HEALTHY -- of course!! Fast food, aspartame, being sedentary, etc., are all things that will lead to illness, disease and in the end cost me money. But me eating healthy and spending my free time in the gym certainly isn't hurting anyone. That is for sure. So ... what reason do you have to "bash me" again?

Does society have a horrible picture of what people should look like .. yes! I am NOT arguing that! We live in a fashion and asthetic obsessed world! But the reality is ... everyone is being attacked for something....not just those that are overweight. Do I know what it's like to be called "fat".. no because I've never been overweight. So I absolutely can not relate to how you feel.  BUT .. we are all "victims" at some point in our life and no one should assume that because someone is in shape or skinny they aren't subject to finger pointing, ridicule, hate and harsh words. We are just subject to DIFFERENT finger pointing, ridicule, hate and harsh words.

We all have battles. We all have scars. We all have haters. We all have insecurities. We all have someone in out there in society against us.  Maybe people should spend more time focusing on themselves instead of everyone else. As a matter of fact .. seems like many people need to be focusing on the "beauty" they can't see if they are constantly putting others down.

Okay .. off my soap box .. time to eat :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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