Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1st Phorm Ignition Icing

Hey Fit Fam ...

When you think of "post workout" what comes to mind? Most people would say a Protein Shake, right? And if you are a member of 1st Phorm Legion of Boom then you will say a Phormula-1 shake with Ignition :) But instead of mixing the two together with water and making a "shake" (which is delish) I wondered what would happen if I baked the protein with some baking powder and water. I was in prep and craving something super sweet. So I had the idea of making cake with icing.  I didn't expect the cake part to work since I was using a whey isolate and not a blend, wasn't using any egg or egg white and only using water. But guess what .. it worked! It made freaking CAKE!

The cake is good, but it's really not the cake that makes this post workout AMAZING. It's the ICING!!! On top of the Phormula 1 Cake is a mound of sweetness I call Ignition Icing!!! It's

protein cake icing 1st phorm

In case you have missed the recipe for the mug cakes on a previous blog ... it's simple. Use a ceramic mug or bowl. Throw in one scoop (two if you are a guy) of any Phormula-1 1st Phorm Protein (most whey isolate doesn't bake .. this brand does), a little bit of baking powder ( I never measure but about 1/2 tsp) and just enough water to make it mix well. Don't use much water. This is the biggest mistake people make.  Literally all it takes is around 1-2tsp! Add a little .. stir .. add more .. until it's a little watery. Water is fine, just don't make it TOO watery or it won't bake. On the flip side, if you don't put enough in it will be too dry - yuck! You may have to stir aggressively for a bit for it to get the clumps out, but even if it's a bit clumpy it will turn out fine! I messed up a few before I got it just right! Don't give up on it .. cause it's worth it!! After you mix it, just put it in the microwave 20-30 seconds. It's okay if it still looks a tad runny on the edges.

Now for the ICING!! There are so many ways to make this!! It is so good!

First option ... mix with YOGURT!!

All you do is put the ignition in a cup and then add about 1tbs or so of yogurt. Just keep stirring until it is blended and the texture is like a thin icing! I use either Kroger Carbmaster or Dannon LIGHT Greek. This is important. You don't want one of the regular or sugary yogurts. You are getting plenty of sugar/carbs/protein in the Phormula-1/Ignition. I picked the ones above because they are lowest in those macros...especially if you are just using a tablespoon of it! Pick the flavor you think will taste best with your "cake." For example, with CTC cake I usually just do Vanilla Yogurt, Ignition and Cinnamon!! For Vanilla Milkshake I love doing the Toasted Vanilla Coconut Dannon. For Milk Chocolate ... there are SO many options. I typically do Chocolate Raspberry or Caramel!!

But you don't have to use yogurt! Maybe you are on prep and can't .. or maybe you just don't want any extra macros. No problem!! Just add Ignition to any of these combos below ... they are ALL so good and even more guilt free!!  NOTE ... when I say a little water, I basically mean a few drops! It does't take much. Once you start stirring you will see!  Start with a little and just keep adding if you need more!

***Little water or unsweetened almond milk ... Ignition and cinnamon! (my favorite)
***Little water or unsweetened almond milk ... Ignition and unsweetened cocoa powder!
***Walden Farms Pancake Syrup .... Cinnamon & Ignition!
***Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup .... Ignition!
***Walden Farms Caramel Syrup ... Ignition!
***Phormula-1 Protein Powder (take out 1-2tsp before you make your cake or use a different flavor of phormula one for the icing if you want the icing to be a different flavor. if you do this just take thes same amount out of your cake scoop .. so you aren't getting too much protein) .. a little water or almond milk .. Ignition!!

How much syrup you use in these is up to you and the consistency you want. Start with a small amount though. You can always add more!! Sometimes I add a drop of water .. just a drop, yes!

You can also make this Ignition Icing and pour it on top of other protein creations like waffles, pancakes, crepes, cookies, CTC Cinnamon Rolls, etc. Obviously just make sure you are making the Ignition Icing for those Post Workout treats .. as that is when this product is designed to be consumed! Enjoy :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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