Tuesday, March 3, 2015

National Pancake Day Can Be Everyday With These Healthy Recipes

Today is the day your social media newsfeed is filled with all sorts of "stacks" of delicious buttery, syrup covered, picture perfect pancakes. That is because it is the day that IHOP offers free pancakes in honor of National Pancake Day. But why would you go eat their unhealthy stack when you can make your own clean pancake creations at home? 

Hey Fit Fam,

If you have every been on my Instagram then you know that my favorite meal of the day is my breakfast creation that I came up with when I started having oats and egg whites every morning for breakfast.  I've posted several blogs about my Morning Microwave Muffin creations! In fact, my Basic Batter Base recipe that is the "base" for any of my pancake/muffin/waffle creations is one of the most popular blogs I have ever posted. Here a few pictures of my delish creations :)


Because I have come up with such a tasty creation, I guess that I just don't get the hype over #NationalPancakeDay. It's pancake day every morning AND every night in my house!

You can easily find these recipes by following the embedded links in this blog and by using the SEARCH box at the bottom of www.simplystacy.com. But here is a little write up for you! Again, just follow the embedded links for FULL details/recipes!

Breakfast .. and sometimes another meal during the day...because they are THAT good.
I always make a bowl full of goodness that I PROMISE will make you forget about all those fattening muffins and pancakes out there. There are numerous ways you can make healthy pancakes. Before I started my fitness journey using Quinoa Flour and Protein Powder was one of my favorite ways. But these days I stick to my oats, egg white and fruit (sometimes 1/2 egg white and 1/2 protein powder) and have come up with the PEFECT way to make those few ingredients taste AMAZING!
Just click in the embedded links above for full recipes! But for example ... this morning I put some oats, baking powder, cinnamon, stevia and allspice in my Magic Bullet. Once it was ground into powder I simply poured into a ceramic bowl and stirred in my egg whites. I cut up a banana and stirred that in next. It will be watery - that is okay! Just pop it in the microwave for 2 min or so (time varies based on microwave and it will poof up big over the bowl, but don't worry it won't spill over and it shrinks down after it starts to cool.) I plopped on my teaspoon of peanut butter and put back in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. BOOM -- the most amazing breakfast that is 110% CLEAN and won't make you feel guilty like that IHOP stack will. If you want "pancakes" you can take this same batter mixture and just make them into a stack! I just prefer doing the bowl in the microwave because it is SUPER fat, super filling and makes NO mess! If you are in a pinch for time - no problem! The night before go ahead and get all your dry ingredients prepped and poured in your bowl. Then in the morning all you have to do is add the wet ingredients and fruit and pop in the microwave while you gather your stuff ready to get out the door. When I had an office job, I would always transfer the "muffin" it into a 6pack container once it was cooked. It is kinda big so I did cut it in half. I put my peanut butter on top and closed the lid instead of microwaving that extra 15 seconds. By the time I got to work the peanut butter had melted and it was gooey, still warm and ready to eat! Time is NO excuse!! It takes the same amount of time as popping a processed breakfast sandwich into the microwave and much LESS time than going through a drive-thru!

Final Meal Of The Day
I have a waffle. Yup, I have a syrup covered waffle every single night RIGHT before I lay down for bed. I just posted these "Sweet Dreams" recipes yesterday! Follow the link for the recipe for my my nightly 1st Phorm Protein Waffle and other "sweet dream" type treats! They are perfect options for before bed! You can read the blog to find out why they are a great way to end your day and help your body repair itself while you sleep!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.... and skip out on those free IHOP pancakes and make your own everyday :-)

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