Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shocking Video of Young Homeless Boy Being Ignored

I often post about eating 6 times a day and how crucial that is to live a healthy lifestyle, which makes this blog topic even more heartbreaking. Did you know that in 2013, 14% of households were "food insecure" and in Tennessee that number is even higher at 17.4%?! In January 2014, statistics were released that say 578,424 people experienced homelessness on any given night in the United States. 

Hey Fit Fam,

As I visited my usual sites and did my typical google searches this morning to try and find what "hot topics" were happening in health and fitness, I came across something that is far more important than any exercise, recipe, health study, or entertainment happenings that I could write about today.

I don't watch much TV when I am home during the day, but I do have the tube on in the background while I blog, research, job search, meal prep, clean, etc. This morning a video was playing that quickly got my attention. It appeared to be cell phone footage that someone randomly captured of a very young homeless boy standing in 5 degree weather in New York, wearing only a torn t-shirt and no shoes, asking for "help". Check it out yourself before you read any more of this post. Trust me and watch it all. Not just some of it.

Heartbreaking....right? While this wasn't a random cell phone video, it was a social experiment, the reactions from people were VERY real. I have bawled my eyes out over this!! Obviously because it is touching, but also because it hit me that I am not sure what I would have done? Do you know what you would have done?? Would I have just walked by, would I have given him money, would I have talked to him, would I have gone and bought him a coat and blanket? We are so accustomed to people "faking it", or always looking for a "handout" when they don't really need one or COULD make money if they wanted to, that we tend to write off everyone we see begging for a buck.

I think I would have at least stopped and talked with him to get a better read and then gone and bought some warm clothes and a warm meal. Heck, one day I went and bought a guy a beer simply because his sign said "I'm not gonna lie. I want money for a beer." I respected his HONESTY!!!!

But can we really judge people that just walked by? We are so used to seeing people on every corner begging for money, work, etc.  It's sad that the "bad apples" have to ruin it for people that are really in need.

Either way, I challenge my #FitFam to find a way to give back during these cold winter days we are having. If our good deed wasn't really needed.. at least God will smile down on our actions!


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