Monday, February 23, 2015

Dove Encourages Us to #SpeakBeautiful

Women wrote over 5 million negative beauty tweets in 2014. The word ugly was used over 22,000 times in just an hour-and-a-half tonight and was used 34,838 during the Oscars red carpet alone! But we aren't just tweeting negative things about each other. 4 out of 5 negative beauty tweets are from women writing about themselves. Dove wants to change that. 

As I watched The Oscars last night, the thing that got my attention the most wasn't who won for what, who looked the best on the Red Carpet, or even Lady GaGa's red gloves, lol. It was the Dove commercial and their #SpeakBeautiful campaign that wowed me. If you didn't see it -- here it is.

Dove has teamed up with Twitter for the #SpeakBeautiful campaign. The idea is simple. One positive tweet can start a trend. They asked you to post at least one positive tweet. It could be to a friend, about yourself or just something positive in general.

I have chills just writing about this. Social media has made so many people more bitter, hateful and negative. Well, maybe they are always that way, but social media has given us a place to express that negativity. I'm not going to lie and say I've never posted anything negative. I am guilty as well. Even during award shows I live tweet and am known to post if I don't like a "look" or if something sounds bad, etc. Of course I don't mean for it to be negative, I usually try to post with humor, but this campaign sure has me thinking. I even feel bad for tweeting last night that I don't get the Adam Levine obsession because I like men with muscles. I of course didn't mean for that to be negative and wasn't bashing his skinnier frame, I was just trying to say it's not my preferred look. It did have a positive spin since I talked about how hot my husband is, that was a positive tweet :)

The bottom line is .. our words matter. I try to be positive and motivating. But we can all try harder. I don't have a problem complimenting others and while I don't "put myself down" ... I also never compliment myself and am horrible about accepting complements. So, I am joining in on the #SpeakBeautiful movement and I hope you do too!

This isn't easy for me, but here are my compliments to myself :) What are YOUR compliments to YOURSELF?

* I love my loyalty. When I am loyal .. I am loyal.
* I love my determination. It's rare you will ever see me "give up" at something.
* I love my booty. I've worked hard for it! I may have some genetics, but that backside took WORK.
* I love my eye color. Not exactly green, not exactly hazel ... they are unique and mine.
* I love my shoulders. They showcase the handwork I put in day in and day out at the gym.
* I love my hands .. they remind me of my mammaw.

Because this campaign isn't just about speaking beautiful about yourself, here are my compliments to some other lovely people in my life!! I love you all!!

*Melissa Fleming: I admire your strength. You have been given hardships no one should ever be given and still have a smile on your face.
*Sue Bray: I admire your faith. Because of you I always repeat to myself in times of doubt "remember whose you are."
*Doug Green: I admire your work ethic. I've never met someone as honorable and hard working as you are. Thank you for being the glue that holds our household together.
*Brandy Leaver: You are a "super mom" and I can only hope if God wants me to have a child one day that I can be 1/2 the mother that you are. I admire the healthy values you teach your children.
*Lisa Weathers: You are so positive and thoughtful. You are a such a light to others.
*Lindsey Langley: You literally live each day with the mentality that I TRY to live by .. which is never settle. As you know, I not only vote you for Nashville Mayor .. but actually President :)
*Stephanie Langston: I admire how you somehow manage to "do it all" - you did this before motherhood and now even as a mom still manage to literally DO IT ALL! I don't know how!
*Laura Sweeney: I am in love with your heart. It is so pure, so real, so full of love. It is one the most beautiful one I have ever known. I am blessed to be one of your bests.
*Rod Youree: I respect you as a friend. You are pretty much the only person my husband and I know that would drop everything to help us out. Loyalty is hard to find and loyal you are my friend!
*Brian Sullivan: You are the only person I know that is literally everyones friend. You don't know a stranger and I'm certain don't have an enemy. We should all aim to live more free .. more "sully" like.
* Joy Green-Hadden: You not only get the "mother in law award (I won the mother-in-law jackpot y'all) ... you are your name. You seriously spill out JOY to everyone around you. Thank you for being so positive!

There is beauty all around us. Find it. Talk about it.

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