Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cryotherapy Promises to Freeze You Skinny

Is ice cold the key to a hot body? That's the promise of a fitness fad that elite athletes and celebrities are freezing their "assets" off for. 

It is cold here in Nashville. In fact, wind chills are well below zero this morning. I know many of my readers "up north" are used to this kind of cold, but here in Tennessee we are not and are more than ready for winter to get out of here!

No matter where you live, I don't know many people that enjoy standing in freezing temperatures, but some people are actually paying to stand in SUBFREEZING temperatures because they are being told that it will help boost their metabolism and stimulate anti-inflammatory proteins that will reduce soreness and muscle damage. Some advocates are taking it as far as advertising you can burn up to 800 calories in less than 3 minutes.

Here is how it goes down. It seems there are several different methods, but here is how one of them works. Patients are put you in socks, mittens and workout shorts. You stand in this chamber, you are flash frozen for a couple minuets and then they warm you back up with a 10 minute moderate intensity cardio on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. The theory is that the frigid cloud of nitrogen blasted into the chamber tricks your body into think it's in danger (that you may die is actually how one described it), so the brain sends a signal to the rest of the body to rush blood to your core for protection, increasing body heat (your metabolism). After it is all over, enriched blood rushes back through your body boosting immunity, cell renewal and natural pain relief.

Want the truth .. in my unprofessional and just common sense opinion? You are paying 80+ bucks for a high tech ice bath. For decades, athletes have taken ice baths and this whole body cryo is just a fancy version that according to proponents simply works faster and better. I can totally see why elite athletes, such as  Kobe Bryant who is allegedly a fan, would want to do this. But does it work? Well the opinions are very mixed, but at least one study proved it didn't improve soreness or performance.

What really bothers me about this is that many are taking this "gimmick" one step further (in what I can assume is an attempt to attract the "everyday" dieter) by claiming they can spot reduce and "freeze fat away" on certain spots of your body. The bigger the claim - the bigger the price tag as well. From what I'm seeing, these "treatments" are running $1500+. There are many names circulating out there, from CoolSculpting, to Lipoglaze, Zeltiq therapy and more. They chill these trouble spots for about an hour and claim that these sessions result in a reduction of fat thickness. People may be especially curious about this since the FDA has approved Ziltiq. Keep in mind just because the FDA says it's "safe" .. doesn't mean it works!

I'm not saying if freezing yourself does or doesn't work. That is for you to research and decide. What I'm trying to tell you is that if you want to boost your metabolism and reduce soreness, then why not follow these no gimmick tips .. for free!

Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

* Drink Green Tea - I drink at least 2 cups a day. I love adding Essential Oils to mine to add even more health benefits! My favorite oils to add are Peppermint and Cinnamon Bark!
* Get Spicy -- Spices can rev metabolism! Cayenne Pepper is a great one! My favorite is to make my own Low Sugar Cayenne Pepper Ketchup! I also love adding Jalepeno to my extra lean turkey burgers!
* Eat small/healthy meals every 3 hours.
* Strength Training
* Omega 3's - either from food or a supplement.
* Don't go "low cal". You need to eat enough to AT LEAST match your resting metabolic rate. Don't know what that is? You really need to! It's a huge help! Check out the Bod Pod. 
* Ginger - Add to your cooking. I use doTERRA Ginger oil (add to foods after it's cooked as the heat will kill the benefits if you cook WITH it. This is true for Olive Oil as well folks.)
* Grapefruit - I eat 1/2 of a medium one everyday.
* Cinnamon - I use this on a minimum of 3 meals a day.
* Paprika - I use this on meals that I am not using Cinnamon.

Ways To Reduce Soreness and Muscle Damage 

* Foam Rolling - I found my foam roller on Amazon for like $10 bucks. There are tons of videos online that can guide you to all things "rolling".
* Stretching - I have found my best stretches on 
* Glutamine - If your protein does't include it already. Buy some and add it both pre/post workout! If you are really sore .. take more before bed!
* BCAA's (1st Phorm Phormula-1 Protein has amino acids already added. So one less thing to buy)
* Joint Repair - Have inflammation in your joints? 1st Phorm Joint Mobility is amazing!
* Starbucks - Or whatever coffee you choose. Studies show that drinking coffee prior to working out cut muscle soreness and fatigue by half!
* Essential Oils - I'm telling ya people, doTERRA oils work!  I would be happy to help customize which ones would be best for your aches & pains.
* Get a nice deep tissue massage. I mean if you are willing to pay 80+ bucks to freeze yourself for 3 min, why not pay that same money for a 60-90 minute relaxing massage?! This makes much more sense to me. Of course they have their own oils they use. But I like to take doTERRA "Deep Blue" with me and ask them to add it to theirs! You can ask me how to order or just click on shop on my doTERRA page .

There are so many more, but I hope these tips help! As for this "freezing fat away", it's up to you folks. Just always ask yourself if something is "too good to be true" -- you know the rule :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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