Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today is Doom Day for New Years Fitness Resolutions

Hey Fit Fam,

Here in Nashville gyms will likely be pretty packed today since the ice and snow is finally melting and anyone that has been "stranded" at home will finally be able to venture out! But statistically today is actually the day that people throw in the towel on their new years fitness resolutions.

Gold's Gym did a study and found that on February 18th gym member check-ins nose dive. Some of us here in Tennessee may have gotten a head start on that date, using the snow/ice as an "excuse" to go ahead and give up, but that doesn't mean you have to become a statistic! I love this quote circulating on the internet. It's so true.

I actually find the results of this study a little bit shocking. If you have been sticking to a good/non-restricitve plan ... 6 weeks is enough time to really see some pretty decent results and it's usually when people start seeing results they become a little more addicted and want to go harder. I guess people just lose site of their goals quickly? Maybe it's because they aren't seeing results fast enough? Maybe it's because they are bored? Maybe it's because they have no will power? Or maybe it's just because they aren't really committed to the LIFESTYLE.  Either way, today is the day people statistically go back to their old habits. So if you make it past Feb 18th you are being the odds! Congrats .... keep going!!! If you are one of the folks that are walking the line of becoming part of this statistic, try going harder for just one more week. Give yourself another chance .. you deserve it!! If your "ways" aren't working, instead of just giving up, maybe it is jus time to start researching some new methods!

Here are a few tips to help you get over this "hump day" :)

  • Remember why you started! Think back to that feeling of WHY you wanted to be a better you. This isn't a race. There is NO "30 day fix" or "45 day plan" .. your goal should not have an expiration date. This is a LIFESTYLE! 
  • Talk about your resolution. The more you let people know you are STILL on this journey, the more likely you are to stick with it because you have more people to "answer to" so to speak. I prefer to say more people "looking up to you" because you NEVER KNOW who you are inspiring! 
  • Give yourself an off day (two max) to "reset" and get your mind right ... but do not give up! 
  • Change up your gym routine. Make it fun and different so you want to lift! For example, I always break up body parts the same way. Next week I plan to change that and even plan on ditching the gym for a week in the near future and doing a full week of different "classes" around town! 
  • If you haven't already, ditch the boring cardio and register for some type of group exercise! 
  • Download some new workout music! I've just started my Muscles & Music workout demo series! I hope to give you all great ideas for not only new exercises, but music that will get you moving! 
  • Add some new foods to your "diet". Oh .. and stop calling it a diet!!! The goal is LONG TERM HEALTH! So if you are on that low carb bandwagon .. get off it. Have some yummy baked sweet potatoes or steamed rice with dinner tonight! Or try one of my "comfort food" modified recipes! If you are bored with your morning egg whites .. what rock are you hiding under? Why haven't you used my "basic batter base" to create a mug muffin, pancake or waffle!!! Trust me on this one. I could eat them for all 6 of my meals! 
  • Seek support. If you have been doing this alone you may simply need a friend. Post something on Facebook asking if anyone wants to be your "accountability buddy", talk your partner into joining you if they aren't already and if none of that works there are actually phone apps that offer support! 
  • You may feel let down right now, but just think about how AWESOME you will feel come Summer and you can proudly wear sleeveless shirts and shorts and yes .. a bikini :) If you give up now you WILL regret it! 
  • Reward yourself once you reach a specific goal. But instead of setting goal "date" to fit into a certain outfit or reach a certain body fat percentage, just tell yourself once you do get there you will get a reward. By the way, I refuse to say when you reach a number on the scale because if you are GAINING muscle while losing fat .. the scale will not be a true representation. Don't let this reward be FOOD. Book that vacation, buy the shoes, go swimsuit shopping, etc.

You can do this!!! While I don't have my personally training or nutrition certifications (yet) .. I am here for you all!! I promise to be your biggest cheerleader and answer any questions you have! Just comment below or connect with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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