Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby Got Back -- The #Belfie Challenge

Hey Fit Fam,

I was challenged by my friend Faith to post a new trending thing on Instagram ... a #Belfie (a back selfie.) I am horrible at selfies so I cheated and had my husband take mine, lol. This picture is from THIS morning with NO filter.

Progress Picture Back

I never look at my back .. so I was a little shocked to see my back progress!! Here is a picture I posted exactly ONE YEAR ago before I even started training for a show. I was just a gym regular and had been consistently going to the gym at an "average" pace for about a year. This picture IS filtered, lol.  I pulled it from the post from that day ... so that is why there is a bicep pic with it too :)

This picture was just before Nationals November 2014. I had also just done Ky Muscle.

Progress picture of back

The lighting is different in all pics. But I think you get the idea!

The back is one of our biggest muscle groups! DO NOT neglect it! I know many (mainly girls) that don't give it much attention because it's not "seen" and they just want to work on abs, arms and legs. But DO NOT ignore your back! It's one of the sexiest parts of a female body! Plus, growing your lats will help give the illusion of a smaller waist by giving you that beautiful V-Taper!! 

I have a new blog that is about to launch (hopefully this week) and it's going to include a new and unique spin on "workout videos" :)  It will be called Muscles & Music .. I'm so excited!! I'll make sure and post some of my favorite back workouts once it gets going, but to help get you going, here is a good example of what may be a "back day" for me at the gym! I never do any less than 4 sets .. my rep # and "method" changes! These are all "super sets" -- meaning I do the two grouped together "back to back" with no more than 15 seconds of rest. Then I rest about 45-60 seconds between each super set! 

Back Day Example:

Wide Grip Pull Downs
Narrow Reverse Grip Pull Downs 

Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs
Single Arm Rows (cable)

Renegade Rows
Lower Back Raises 

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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