Sunday, March 2, 2014

Simply Stacy .. Revealed :)

Hey Friends ....

Since I've decided that this blog will primarily focus on a healthy lifestyle and training .... I guess I better post my very first #FitnessSelfie.

I literally broke out in nervous splotches posting this picture on my Instagram for #FlexFriday. I am not a shy person but I am VERY shy/modest/embarrassed about posting pictures of myself. Especially since I also am "on tv" ... I feel a little exposed doing this. I hope people understand this is not me being vain, showing off, boasting, etc. It's my fitness journey as I am trying to be the best ME that I can be and hopefully a motivator that STRONG and MUSCULAR is beautiful, lifting weights won't make you bulky and manly and help people see proof that hours of cardio isn't the answer!

Everyone has different goals. For the past year my goals have been muscle gains. I have always genetically had an athletic, yet slender build. I'll try to post some #TransformationTuesday pics up later this week.  I've never been one for "mirror" shots, because I never expected to want to compare. But I had no idea of my potential!!! I've gained approx 8lbs of pure MUSCLE! Some of my XS shirts no longer fit in the arms & back, and I'm NOT upset about it one bit because my back and arms have grown (in a good way). I am now trying to maintain what I have (maybe even gain some more muscle in targeted areas) and lean out a little more - as I am CONSIDERING doing fitness competitions.

Because one category in fitness is called "bikini" people tend to have misconceptions. It's not a way for girls to prance around on stage in a bikini. It isn't a beauty pageant or a swimsuit competition ... you wear a bikini because it is a way to effectively show what you have worked hard to gain & show how healthy and strong that you are. As embarrassed I was to post the picture I did, I'm not sure I could ever be brave enough to post those infamous booty progress shots (I'll let ya'll google those if I end up competing, lol). To explain even further bikini is just a category. There is figure, physique, body building, etc. Bikini girls typically go for lesser gains/bulk. I wish it were called something else though - simply because of these stereotypes/misconceptions.

I hope you all join me in my journey! I'd love any tips (from successful competitors) and motivation from all of you!!!


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