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Merry FITmas: Gift Guide For The Fitness Lover

Hey Fit Fam ..

It's the most wonderful time of the year....the season of giving ... it's CHRISTMAS TIME y'all!!!

Not only do we get to celebrate the birth of JESUS (let's not forget the reason for the season), we also get to give gifts, spend time with our friends/family and eat yummy "forbidden" foods! What food are you looking forward to? I can not wait for snacks like my mamas sausage balls & fudge, my sisters spinach dip and of course my moms Christmas Day dinner!!!!!

My hubs and I finally put our tree up on Sunday. I hate that we were a little late... but honestly December snuck up on me! I didn't even realize we were a week into the month until Saturday! But it's up now and I love it! I won't take it down until a week or two into January. Partially because I'm lazy, haha, but mainly because it's kinda depressing. Having it up just makes our home that much cozier!! Nothing like having all the lights out, snuggled up on the couch with the fireplace glowing and the Christmas decor glistening!

I didn't really ask for anything specific this year. I never really do because my "santa" is the words best gift giver, haha! But guessing I got some "fitness" related gifts this year since that is my life nowadays! That got me thinking. I bet many of my readers have someone in the #FitFam to buy why not make a little list of some of my suggestions/favorite things!

There is still plenty of time to shop are there are SO many great gifts of all prices! I've listed some ideas. Some of these I have .. some of these I want .. some of these I don't want or need ... but think other people may find them useful or cool! Feel free to comment (with links) to contribute to this #FitFam gift guide!!

FITmas Gift #1 - VersaGrips - These are my #1 must have in my gym bag! There are tons of products like this out here. Don't skimp .. these are THE BEST! I have Versa Grip Pro.

FITmas Gift #2 - Protein/Supplements - No #FitFam member is going to think this is a bad gift, lol! Supplements are expensive! So find out what their favorites are and stock up for them! If you want some suggestions .. my favorites are 1st Phorm (Phormula 1, Level-1, Mega Whatt HD), Metabolic Nutrition (their protein, glutamine, pre-workout and grape aminos), Gaspari Carnipure, BSN IsoBurn Protein and my most recent protein powder obsession .. QUEST!! I've only tried the Vanilla .. but I've asked for all of them!! It's a "blend" and came out super thick ... so idea for my bedtime waffle! Also forget candy bars -- Quest Bars are great stocking stuffers!!! If possible I prefer to shop local, so my favorite place in Nashville to stock up is Mid10 Nutrition . Online I suggest BodyBuilding.Com and VitaCost. 

FITmas Gift #3 - Weight Belt - Not only is it a gamble if the gyms belt is available .. any of the weight belts at the gym are stinky, old and (if you are shopping for a girl) made for men. SO this is a good one! I found mine on Amazon! You just have to have an idea of waist size!

FITmas Gift #4 - Ankle Straps - Same as above. Also found some great ones on Amazon!

FITmas Gift #5 - Home Gym Equipment - This could be as extreme as some amazing cardio equipment (I'd prefer something like a step mill or arc trainer from my santa), to some type of complete gym system, or complete set of barbells and free weights! It could also be more simple like a set of resistance bands, an over the door pull up bar, a medicine or bosu ball, and/or a small set of weights and a bench! It real depends on what they have room for and how much they will actually use it. Always take that into consideration!

FITmas Gift #6 - Meal Prep Gadgets - Check out the favorite things tab of my blog. I have a few of my favorite "as seen on tv" finds! There are tons of things out there that can make meal prep easier and any fit fam will appreciate this one for sure!  One hour inside Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store and you will be set!! Aside from those on that entry .. other good things could be a microwave chip maker, new quality cookware, etc!

FITmas Gift #7 - Tiger Balm - BEST stocking stuffer, ever! lol! This stuff is a lifesaver if you have any type of muscle ache/strain/pain. You can usually find it at drugstores! If not .. it's definetly online!

FITmas Gift #8 - 6 Pack Fitness Bag - If your fitness lover doesn't have one of these. This is a MUST. What type of bag you get will need to be based on their day-to-day life. I like the tote and backpack. But the purses and briefcase styles are good too. The basic bags are great .. but I like things that can function as a "two-in-one" so I'm not carrying a gazillion different bags!

FITmas Gift #9 - Fitness Magazine Subscription or Fitness Books - Don't just reach for the tear outs inside of magazines just yet. Check and see what deals that have .. but you can also find better deals sometimes on webpages (even amazon).  Who wouldn't want a year of Muscle & Fitness, Fitness RX, Oxygen, Women's Health, Mens Health, Self, etc!! Also if you are dating a competitor The Women's PreContest Bible that recently came out is an interesting read!

FITmas Gift #10 - Massage - Try out Groupon (there are TONS right now) and I found a guy that is THE BOMB because of Groupon! His name is Terrance and he is at Islands Of Paradise on Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville. Tell him I sent you and he will honor the Groupon price .. which was only $40 for 90min!!!!! You may want to upgrade a little and get them a massage at a spa so they have the entire "experience". Add in a facial "just because"! My Nashville SPA pick is always William Edge! They really are the best in town at everything! Crystal does my hair .. she is amazing! That would be a good gift certificate too, lol! So get them a nice 90min massage .. or better yet .. a series of massages .. cause it is the gift that keeps our muscles happy all year long!! Annnnd if you have already purchased all your gifts .. you can always print up a gift certificate for an IOU ... for a massage from you :)

FITmas Gift #11 - Workout Clothes - ENDLESS options for this. You can find awesome stuff at places like TJ Maxx (90% of my workout shorts/pants come from there) or you can go all out and hit up places like lululemon, nike, under armour or athleta. But there are tons of other great sites out there. Instagram has been a great place for me to find some fitness swag! My coach has a line called Physique Empire -- I love it! Also .. if they are a competitor .. a robe or really loose cover up for show day would be a good one! Go up in size on this because we have to wear loose clothing because of tanning!

FITmas Gift #12 - Custom Nikes - Find out their size  and go to work on the webpage! It's fun and makes a great/thoughtful gift! Just make sure you are getting the right size! However last year my husband accidentally hit the wrong size and even though they were custom -- we still got to return them!

FITmas Gift #13 - Gym Bag - Amazon and sports stores are great for finding good gym bags. Ebags has a ton of great ones at discount prices as well. Or you could double up on this one and make it a 6pack gym back ... they have several (see #8)

FITmas Gift #14 - Gym/Class Membership - This could be tricky, haha. Well any fitness gift could be. Make sure it's something you know they WANT and you aren't going to be look like a jerk implying they need to get in shape, haha. I may be a little bias. But I would suggest a monthly membership to Hot Box if they are in/near Nashville! This is the best cardio "workout" combo around! It is a very "HIIT" style cardio/workout because of the "style" and no two instructors or classes are the same. I go once a week -- it's my only cardio -- unless I am just wanting to switch things up or throw in something extra! They also have yoga classes AND a small gym you really get your moneys worth! If you are around Murfreesboro I suggest Olympus for a gym. It's a true WORKOUT facility! If your fitness lover is in Nashville .. well .. I'm not sure about a good gym because I've yet to find a one in Nashville "proper" that meets all my needs. However I've heard Nashville and Franklin Athletic Clubs are good! You can also check out some of the more trendier fitness fads. Ones I suggest are The Sweat Box (review coming soon) and the Transformat10n Lab. I HIGHLY recommend this place and will be doing a review soon! I wish they had set up shop in Nashville at the beginning of my fitness journey! They ACCURATELY measure your body fat, etc., which will help you determine your macros and needs to reach your best YOU! They also have programs and people on staff that can help you with your dietary needs!

FITmas Gift #15 - Apples Iwatch -  okay so this will have to be an "IOU" for now, lol!  The Iwatch isn't out yet but I want one SO bad. So I'm waiting on this one instead of getting one of the other "smart watches" or "Fit bands" that are out right now. But check out the other ones as well! Depending on your fit fame's needs -- they have some great ones already out.

FITmas Gift #16 - A Coach/Trainer - This could be difficult unless you know of someone they have been wanting to use. The last think you want is to send them to just any trainer! There are some BAD ones out there! But if you know of someone good or someone they have mentioned -- why not contact them and get them to print you up a gift certificate for 3 months of services .. or a one time "custom meal plan" or "custom workout". Many coaches are willing to do a one time plan to get people started .. not something "long term".  Then if they want to go back to them to get a new one a few months later .. they can! Kind of a "trial". My coach is IFBB Pro Brandy Leaver .. not sure she is taking on clients right now or available for "single plans" --  but you can find her on social media -- here is a link to her INSTAGRAM. 

FITmas Gift #17 - Spray Tan Package - Because we all know that muscles look better when you are tanned and that tanning beds are bad, bad, bad :) So give them that (kinda) stage glow all year long!

FITmas Gift #18 - Bluetooth Headphones - Aside from my VersaGrips .. this is my other MUST in my gym bag. It's actually #1. There are ALWAYS great deals on Amazon and EBay! I think mine are Jay Freedom (brand). I like the ones with a flexible cord .. not the hard shell like cord that fits around the head! Throw in an iTunes gift card with it .. boom! Great gift!

FITmas Gift #19 - Mani/Pedi gift certificate - We may like to lift .. but us ladies like to have pretty nails too! Especially for show day (if your loved one is a competitor). If you are anywhere near the Nashville area I urge you to get one from Melissa Stephens Nail Artistry! She is THE BEST!!!!!

FITmas Gift #20 - A Fur Friend - Okay, I'm not really seriously saying you should get your fit fam a dog, haha. Well I guess they could be a good "fit gift". They certainly keep you busy. You can take them on a jog, etc. Honestly I just couldn't think of another gift to round it out to make it an even 20 :) But why not RESCUE a fur baby?! That is .. if your #FitFam loved one has the time/space/heart for it! Don't EVER rescue a dog for someone unless they really want one and can commit to taking care of one the way they SHOULD be taken care of. If they are never home, not responsible, etc. Don't do it!! But a pet does make you happier and being happy is essential for our overall health for sure! If they don't have time for a dog .. you can always consider a cat!! I have two and they warm my heart just as much as my little dog Stella. They are just much more independent and require being home much less.  Just please make sure you ADOPT from a shelter!!! Your #FitFam gets a best friend and you save a life!!!

There are SO many more I am sure I didn't think of but those are a few that literally came to my mind as I typed, lol!!

Also .. if your #FitFam member has everything they "need" .. please consider giving back to someone that won't have a Christmas this year. One of my best friends organizes a drive for her neighborhood called Katie Hill Kids Christmas Toy Drive. I know there are so many great organizations .. but so many kids get overlooked and Lindsey makes sure these kids still have Christmas desire their circumstances! I'd love if this would be the way you choose to "give back' with this holiday season!!!

Soooo...are you on the naughty or nice list?! Hopefully I've been good and #SwoleSanta will make a stop at my house :) I promise to leave him a yummy Quest Creation and a 1st Phorm Level One shake :) :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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