Monday, December 8, 2014

RECIPE -- Feta Quinoa Turkey Burgers (with parsnip and carrot fries)

Hey Fit Fam ..

As I posted earlier today .. in an effort to try and figure out what is going on with my stomach .. I am experimenting with a Low FODMAP Diet. Please see THIS BLOG for all those details. But as part of the meal plan I mapped out for this week ... my meal two was SO good that I need to share the details!!

It was a Feta Quinoa Turkey Burger .. with a side of Parsip and Carrot Fries served with spicy low sugar ketchup!!! (I'm still not sure if Feta is acceptable on this low fodmap stuff .. but I have so little I am keeping it in).

I'm not sure this will become a staple (the burger) because it did take a little while to prep. But ONLY because I wanted each individual burger to be the EXACTLY the macros I wanted them to be. If I threw in all the quinoa, meat and cheese and just pattied them out to four similar sized burgers -- while it would be close... it wouldn't be exact. Which could mean I COULD be getting way more quinoa or cheese in one burger and not another (I know .. I'm being way too picky). So if you don't care about being "exact" .. feel free to do it as a batch .. patty into four .. and save time!

Burger Ingredients
Makes 4 burgers 
1 lb 99% Extra Lean Ground Turkey (use lean if you need/don't mind the fat)
1 cup quinoa
1/2 cup (or whatever amount you want) of FF Feta Cheese

Combine all ingredients into burgers and make on grill or stove! That is it :) I served them with spicy low sugar ketchup. Which is just Cayenne Pepper mixed with low sugar ketchup!

My side was Roasted Carrots and Parsnips. 

I just preheated the oven at 425. .. cut the parsnips up like fries .. used pre cut carrot sticks .. sprayed them with olive oil spray .. put on some salt and pepper .. cooked for about 12 min .. then took them out and sprinkled on a generous amount of rosemary and cooked a little longer -- until they were to my liking .. so about 12-15 more min!

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