Friday, September 12, 2014

Stop cheating (on yourself). 5 ways cheating on your wellness plan is like cheating on your significant other.

Hey Fit Fam ...

You wouldn't cheat (or at least I hope you wouldn't) on your significant other ... so why do we find it SO EASY to cheat on ourselves?!

If you think about it, cheating on your significant other has very similar mental affects to cheating on yourself -- except that I hope you are more likely to give yourself another "chance" :-)

Here are some examples of how cheating on yourself have very similar emotional affects as cheating on your your boo and why .. well .. you just shouldn't do it!

 1 - Cheat ... You are just going to feel guilty. Unless it's a weekly cheat meal - which I ENCOURAGE HIGHLY for numerous reasons - if you sit down unplanned and have that pizza, that pint of ice cream, that cupcake, pastry, or that bag of chips -- you are just going to beat yourself up over it. Take a moment before digging in. Think about how you will feel, ask yourself if it's really worth it, or if you really even WANT it, or if you are just going to eat it cause it's easy - or it's there in front of you and looks good. Chances are it's not. Maybe take a second to write down what you are feeling at the moment -- then have some more water :) **I'm laughing to myself thinking about everything I just said .. but thinking about it in terms of the other cheating, lol, see they really do have similar comparisons**

2 - Cheat ... Ya gotta re-build trust.  Once you find yourself putting your hand in the cookie jar so to speak ...  then it's probably not safe to have anything bad in your house until you can trust yourself again.  The rule "don't buy it and you won't eat it" really is the best policy. But when you have self control and you can trust yourself ... you can have all the goodies in the world in your house (all you moms out there that tell me you have to have it for your kids..this is for you) and that doesn't mean you will go after them and dig in. It takes time to build up to being able to have bad food in the house and NOT eat it. So if you can't trust yourself just's best to start tossing the snacks and sweets and NOT BUY IT until you KNOW you can trust yourself to not have it or have ONE serving instead of a container! While I feel like I can trust myself, you just never know when you are gonna have "one of those days" and find yourself in a moment of weakness. So it's very rare that I don't toss what's left in the trash if I have some leftover snacks from my cheat meal. Outta site ... outta mind.

3 - Cheat ... you may cry.  Okay maybe not cry .... I don't know .... maybe you will, but you will at least pout and go on and on and on about your guilt. You will complain about how sick you feel..heck you may even GET sick!! You will wish you hadn't ... but there is no going back. So you will cry, pout and complain. That is annoying for everyone around you and no one will really care because you did it, you made the choice, what is done is done.

 4 - Cheat once ... you may such "screw it" and do it again .. and again .. and again. You already cheated .. the harm is done....right? So why not just do it again? Wrong .. very wrong.  But that is the mindset many have when they "cheat". Once you get off track it can be hard to mentally get yourself there again. So think about the high possibility of a repeat!

 5. Cheat ... but you have a reputation to maintain. You have to continue to paint that pretty picture.  You know how cheating a$$ holes often continue to post "happy family pics" as if they have this perfect little life...even though they have someone on the side? Well .. when you post tons of pics of all your healthy foods ... but constantly binge in private ...  you are living a big ole lie. Post all the healthy meals on instagram you want .. but what you eat in private will eventually be what you wear in public!

So there you have it ...  cheating on your wellness/fitness plan IS a lot like "cheating" on your significant other! Again, hopefully you aren't doing that, so why don't ya treat yourself with that same respect... K?  Same goes for the gym. You wouldn't cancel an important business meeting would ya? So why cancel on yourself!!! (see my old post on EXCUSES)

Make yourself a priority, see your worth, avoid temptations, remember why you started this journey -- YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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