Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sweet Tooth Solution - Muscle Cream & Muscle Cake Recipe

Hey Fit Fam ...

The other day when I was giving someone a little clean eating motivation/advice - -  they told me they just don't think they could say no to things like ice cream and cake.  When I told her that I have BOTH every day ... her jaw dropped.  For those that aren't training for anything this could just be a good "treat" when you crave something sweet - or a great daily post workout meal or bedtime snack (just make sure you are using the right protein for what time of day it is).

It's not Ben & Jerry's .. but in my little fit world .. it's close enough! 

Because I am mid contest prep there are things you can add to yours that would make it better that I can't right NOW.  But here is my "Mug Cake" and "Protein Cream" recipes that are saving me right now!!!!

Also check out my blog on QUEST BARS!! All you have to do is cut them up and put them in the oven and you literally have cookies :) :) :)  There are TONS of Quest Creations out there for you to try. I just go with what is easiest. Haha.

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.


You have probably seen thousands of these "mug cakes" floating around Pinterest. Here is the deal .. it's the same thing ..you just substitute and subtract!! Once you start training your mind you will see you can do this with just about anything you want to cook!  Have fun! 

* 1 scoop protein of choice ((I use 1st Phorm right now. I've blogged about other brands I have used in the past in previous blogs)
* Little bit of Baking Powder ((I don't measure. It's literally a pinch. Not even 1/2 tsp))
* Little bit of Coconut Flour ((You can omit this. I do. Same as above and I'm pretty sure you can leave this out totally. You could use any flour you want. I wouldn't use a white flour.  I like the health benefits of coconut flour .. even though I don't use much))
* Stevia ((I use a squirt of liquid. You could use one packet of powder)
* water or unsweetened vanilla almond milk

**Depending on what flavor of protein you are using and what you are allowing yourself on your "diet" .. think of fun clean stuff to add. PB2 powder, unsweetened cocoa flour, cinnamon, pumpkin, if your clean eating allows .. even a little nut butter thrown in (I don't stir it. I just plop it in the middle and it's like a gooey treat on the inside of the cake), etc. You can add anything. You can also do an "icing" made out of more protein powder and some greek yogurt mixed together!
Also I've heard this recipe is MUCH better with an egg white. I just am not using any of this for the time being and honestly it tastes great without it**

Mix everything in a coffee mug sprayed with a little olive oil spray so it doesn't stick to the sides.
Add Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk until the consistency is like cake batter. Not too think or it will be too dry. You can also use water. That is what I'm doing right now and it tastes great! Cover with plastic wrap ... or watch closely!

Microwave about 30 seconds ((Watch and make sure it doesn't overflow. If it's not done give it a little more time ...but don't do it much longer or it will be too dry))

It is a little trial and error. If it's too dry .. add more water and/or microwave less! Again .. I have heard it's better if you add one egg white -  I just can't use it right now for this particular snack :) If you have a sweet tooth or just need "change" - - this will change your life. It's UNREAL!!! Yay ... cake for dinner!!!


Okay this is going to sound too good to be true. But it's not.  Literally you just mix up some protein powder and stevia and then add just a little bit of water (or almond milk) at at time. I have no clue how much I use. I just make it a thicker batter consistency. Then put it in the freezer for 20-60 min ... and boom :)  The longer you leave it in the more like "ice cream" the texture is!!

Just like the Protein Cake, you could add all kinds of things to this - fruit, pb2, nuts, spices, etc. Get creative. But it is good without any of that! This is unreal! So sweet (if you use the right protein) and so good for you! Yay .. ice cream every single day!

I'll say again .. I've been using 1st Phorm brand lately. I use the Phormula One after workouts and the Level One for any "meal replacements". 
Most protein you choose is okay. There are some I stay away from personally because I've I've blogged in the past .. all protein is NOT equal!

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