Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simply Stacy's "Tuna Helper"

Hey Fit Fam ...

Tuna seems to be a health food staple for just about anyone needing a quick/healthy meal.  But most of us think those packets or cans of tuna are simply ...gross!

Tuna was something I was eating semi-regularly before I started contest prep - - but it wasn't something I exactly "enjoyed".  I often ate it with a portion of rice and FF Italian Dressing. Or maybe some avocado and a healthy Greek Dressing. But it was rarely my choice for a "protein".  Some people enjoy the flavored packets - but watch out - those are not as sodium friendly!!!

In my contest prep Tuna got added to my meal plan for a little bit. Of course I couldn't eat it the way I used to (this plan was/is very structured). So I was determined to find a way to make it taste good with what I was allowed to have .. and I did!  Not only did it taste great .. it ended up being one of my favorite meals during that portion of prep!

Feel free to add or take away any of the below. It was really just the COOKING the tuna on the stove with the Balsamic Vinegar that I think made it so good!

*One small pkg of Albacore Tuna. I think it's around 3oz. But they also come in bigger 6oz pkgs. (I prefer this kind. You can do any of them that are in water if you prefer. But this has the best taste to me).
*One Tbs Balsamic Vinegar (Not salad dressing. Real balsamic vinegar. Find the lowest sugar/cal one you can)
*One Tsp Olive Oil (Optional .. this really depends on your daily "good fat" needs, macros, etc) 
*Olive Oil Spray - for the pan. Or if you are against sprays ... just use the real olive oil to lightly coat the pan.
*Spinach (amount up to you)
*Cherry Tomatoes (amount up to you)
*Mushrooms (amount up to you)

May wanna try adding a sprinkle of FF Feta Cheese when serving if you want more flavor. I didn't because I can't for contest prep. But will try doing that at a later time. 

Spray pan with Olive Oil (or other suggestion above)
Add Ingredients & heat up/stir until spinach & mushrooms are cooked to your liking

Yup .. that is it, lol!

I added them in the order below. Adding a little of my measured out balsamic as I tossed in each item. I sprayed with Olive Oil spray if it needed it as I went along as well.


I poured my 1 tsp serving of Olive Oil on after it was cooked because of all the research I have read about how Olive Oil doesn't retain it's nutrients once it is heated to a certain temperature. You can leave it out or cook with it - up to you!

But this is super easy! I would triple the recipe and make 3 lunches worth at a time!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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