Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey Fit Fam,

I love the nutrition store I go to because they let you sample everything (It's called Mid10 Nutrition in Nashville). Because they let you sample before you buy, I have found a new brand I am IN LOVE with!

It's called 1st Phorm. They have so many proteins and supplements on their page - so going there may make your head spin, haha. That is why I suggest going to a place that actually has the product so they can guide you.

The best thing about their products.. they are a very CLEAN protein. Their Phormula-1 Protein is IDEAL for pre and post workout because it is literally THE PERFECT blend you need to feed your muscles. They also have a protein called Level 1. This type is more for "meal replacement". Great if you are on the go or before bed. 

They have another product that I was really scared of taking when the guys at Mid10 recommended it for MY personal needs. I saw the label and was like "no way" (it has tons of carbs and sugar). I've blogged before about the "power hour" and how important it is to feed your muscles the RIGHT carbs/sugar after (and before) a workout. Well, 1st Phorm has created a product called Ignition that takes out ALL the guesswork of what you should have if you are serious about lifting. It is made specifically FOR feeding/fueling your muscles pre and/or post workout. You can read more about it HERE because I'm sure I'm not doing the best job at explaining, haha.  I've been using it about a month now. I take it WITH the Phormula-1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Protein (it has instructions on the label). It's so good!! If you don't want to fork over the money for yet another supplement, I've heard of MANY people that weight train that drink skim chocolate milk before and after workouts - - my husband has a pop tart and a protein shake. Some people do smoothies and add some extra fruit. This product is essentially the same idea but DESIGNED to do the job in what seems like a better way. I like not having any guesswork and knowing it goes to fuel my muscles instantly. Plus it's a nice treat made into a Muscle Cake or Protein Shake! The way my meals are structured I usually have a meal due within 30min or so of taking this .. so I don't want anything to heavy! It's perfect :) If you do make it into a Muscle Cake .. omit the stevia, add more water and stir extra well because the Ignition makes it a much different consistency and much sweeter than one without it.

They just came out with a Pre-Workout and I can't wait to try it!! I usually use a stimulant free pre-workout .. but I've found that doesn't really do the trick on days I'm running low on fuel and have a 2 hour workout to get in. So I can't wait to pick up a sample at Mid10 and see what it's all about!

On a side note ... if you have seen me hashtag their products in some of my fitness posts on places like Instagram (you do follow me .. right)... that is because going to their webpage did do ONE very positive thing for me. I found out they are having a Athlete Search!! Competing is so very expensive. I eat 6 times a day and try to buy only really quality meats, etc. So eating isn't cheap. On top of that, I probably spend 150+ bucks a month on protein powder and super greens alone. That doesn't include pre workout, bcaa's, vitamins, etc. So having a sponsor would really help.  Their brand is all about motivating and inspiriting others. When I read that .. I knew I was an ideal candidate. I already have been doing everything they are looking for - so I entered! Why not, right?!  Even if I don't get a sponsorship ... 1st Phorm will be one of the products I continue to use.

Eat Clean. Train Dirty

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